Slate Makes Itself Know in Algonquin Township

Alg Twp Slate Sign

Dan, Shea, Lowell Cutsforth, Neils Kruse and Bill Bligh share sign space in the Algonquin Township GOP primary election contest for four Trustee spots.

The long-rumored slate of

  • Dan Shea
  • Lowell Cutsforth
  • Neils Kruse
  • Bill Bligh

popped up on some lawns recently.

Shea and Cutsforth are currently on the Algonquin Township Board.

Both voted to raise township salaries and, with the help of a third Trustee, Linda Lance, carried the day.  (Lance is now running for Township Clerk against Chuck Lutzow.)

Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm and appointed Trustee Russ Cardelli voted against the higher salaries.

There are seven people running for the four Township Trustee slots.  The others are

  • Larry Emery
  • Melissa Sanchez
  • Russ Cardelli


Slate Makes Itself Know in Algonquin Township — 4 Comments

  1. Looks just like the sign on the lawn of Democrat Dist 1 County Board Member, Nick Chirikos, River Road and Haegers Bend Rd.

    Who’ll get top billing in this alliance, Bob M. or Nick?

    You can bet the relationship won’t die here.

  2. Vote for Sanchez and Cardelli not sure about the last two…Dianne Klemm hands down!

    Munaretto can’t campaign without telling lies and throwing out false numbers that can easily be looked at for clarification.

    Curious on the first day of early voting Marc is on vacation…but wait hasnt he been quoted as saying he is in charge of that???

    This is a common practice for him to be absent for early voting.

    Dianne Klemm all the way!

  3. So, the Committee to Elect Lowell Cutsforth, which paid for these signs, received a $1,000 transfer-in from the Commitee to Re-elect Bob Miller on January 29th.

    One wonders if Miller knew who the slate would be before it gave Cutsforth the money for these signs.

    While I like Chuck Lutzow over Linda Lance for township clerk, I’d vote for Emery/Sanchez and Cardelli for trustee before any of the fearsome foursome.

    And for supervisor, we really need Marc Munaretto in there, over Dianne Klemm.

    Klemm’s had 3 terms (she lost the first time she ran for supervisor back in 1997) in the big chair.

    Time for someone else.

  4. The gift that just keeps giving, HELLO….. THE MILLERS time for change 50yrs DONE!!!

    They are the poster child “for abolish Townships”

    Nicely done!

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