Linda Moore Mailer Hits Mail Boxes

Here is the first campaign mail for the Grafton Township Supervisor’s race.

It is from incumbent Linda Moore.

The address side shows the Grafton Township Hall that four of the current Trustees didn't think was good enough.

The address side shows the Grafton Township Hall that four of the current Trustees didn’t think was good enough. It would have been replaced with a new building costing over $5 million had Linda Moore not defeated John Rossi four years ago.

The back of this Linda Moore mailing has a letter

The back of this Linda Moore mailing has a letter in which she chides Township Trustees for “outright insults and childish behavior.”


Linda Moore Mailer Hits Mail Boxes — 8 Comments

  1. OMG! Where does one start. First, those same citizens who worked with her back in 2008-2009 are running AGAINST Linda Moore, and said so very publicly at the last Grafton Township meeting on February 14th. Yup, they are also running for supervisor, too.

    I do hope Waitzman and/or Fender get aggressive with their mailer(s) and point out Moore faced contempt of court and jail time on February 14th, too, not to mention, she has never taken responsibility for anything that went wrong during her tenure.

    Please, go and fertilize your lawn with the contents of this piece.

  2. Enough!!!!

    You Moore bashers have done nothing but work to fulfill your spitefully, vindictive, and ill-conceived motives to cover up the illegal and immoral acts and actions of the Grafton Township Board of Trustees.

    You are classic of the “progressive/democrat” thinking that if you yell loud enough and tell enough lies you are right.

    At some point you will regret what you’ve been doing. I only hope the voters of Grafton township are smart enough to see through your disgusting tactics and character assassination efforts and put Ms. Moore back in office with a civilized board of trustees.

    She has been the only one to actually reduce your taxes and has worked to clean up the mess she inherited.

    Grow up, people.

  3. No dog in this fight, but exactly which person was recently held in contempt of court, for NOT follow court orders, and believeing that HER attorney was smarter than the judge and a court order?

  4. Klatu Barrada Nikto

    I am saying this with respect so please take it as such.

    The only regret I will have is if she is elected back into office. She is the only elected official in Grafton Township that has been found in contempt of court for not working with the board and following their voted directions.

    Please share with us how you feel she reduced our tax dollars.

    In my opinion, no matter who she may work with, she would not get along with anybody that did not agree with her and she would spend more of Grafton tax dollars for on the job training by having lawyers advise her.

    We need someone with experience and a leadership mind set that can clean up the mess she has made within Grafton Township.

    My vote is for Marty Waitzman!

  5. Cry me a liver, KBN!!

    Her conduct should have landed her in jail years ago, but I’m thrilled this decision comes as election season opens.

    Given how she has bankrupted our township singlehandedly, this is Karma.

    Her campaigns historic implosion cannot be saved by daddy’s dollars or wasteful ad spending.

    Shame on any support she gets.

  6. The first job of any Township Supervisor is to act as CFO for their township.

    The second job of any Township Supervisor is to preside over the meetings of the township board and assure civil dispensation of the lawful votes of this elected body.

    Both of these jobs have not been performed by Linda Moore.

    It is time The People show, at least at the local level, these elected officials what each one of us must face in our private workplaces.

    Failure to perform one’s job does not warrant retention.

    She may be capable in other arenas but she has proven beyond any shadow of doubt she is completely incapable of performing the job The People hired her to do in the position of Grafton Township Supervisor.

    We are faced with Federal and State officials who completely neglect their jobs who are retained because of “machines” in place.

    I’d like to think my neighbors are smarter and better than the general population in these wider arenas and I pray Linda Moore is encouraged to move on to another job for which she may be better suited.

    I wish her all the best in her future endeavors as a private citizen where she can no longer harm the public with her incompetency.

    “If you know what you have is (garbage) then perhaps trying something else will stink a bit less.” -Unknown

  7. At the risk of being redundant, it is the actions of the Grafton Township Board of Trustees, period.

    Check it out before you judge and you shall find that I am correct.

  8. KBN – Chris asked that you “Please share with us how you feel she reduced our tax dollars.”

    Can you provide some examples of how Linda has reduced our taxes?

    Since Linda’s current campaign is the same as her PREVIOUS campaign (stop the building) it’s seems clear that Linda can’t provide examples of “how she has reduced taxes.”

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