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Bob Miller

Bob Miller

On January 10th, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller’s Political Action Committee gave $1,000 to Supervisor candidate Marc Munaretto. You read it here.

You may remember the slate of four candidates sign that popped up on the Cary-Algonquin blacktop.

I thought it might be Nick Chirikos’ property, so I asked him.

Here is his reply,

“Yes, that’s my property. I responded to a request from Bob Miller to place the sign yesterday.  I know Lowell well, and Dan Shea is our County’s representative for CMAP and I am on the transportation committee. I trust both of these men and think they will continue to represent Algonquin Township properly. I have not met either Neils Kruse or Bill Bligh but know of their backgrounds.”

It turns out that Miller has donated $1,000 to the Citizens to Elect Lowell A Cutsforth. That was on January 29th.  The slate’s sign appeared about two weeks later.

Now, some of Munaretto’s signs have the slate of four signs next to them.

Signs of candidates that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller has supported monetarily stand next to each other on Algonquin Road.

Signs of candidates that Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller has supported monetarily stand next to each other on Algonquin Road.


The Bob Miller Slate — 13 Comments

  1. As time passes, you’ll find that Nick has an opinion on everything.

  2. Well, come to find out that some people are spreading lies.

    Anyone being told that Mel Sanchez and Larry Emery voted for pay raises is being lied to.

    Neither Sanchez or Emery were ever a trustee and never voted.

    Shea and Custforth DID VOTE THEMSELVES A RAISE.

    Do not let Shea and Custforth make a fool out of you!!!

  3. Millers Are local politicians that think they are under the radar.

    If you are backed by them good luck!!

    Dianne L. Klemm… Honest,trustworthy and looking out for the people of Algonquin Township!!

  4. If Miller can get these five puppets elected then he will run the game and nobody on the board will question his spending and taking our tax money from us.

    He wants total custody of our tax money.

    He’s had a blank check for years and wants it continued to support him and his whole family for years to come.

    I say enough is enough, and time to topple the Miller empire we have been supporting since his father was in charge!!

    Marc Munaretto will be the head puppet answering to Miller, not the other way around.

    What Miller tells him to do he most certainly will.

    There is a plan!

  5. I heard the Miller empire goes back at least 3 generations. any truth to that?

  6. Miller empire similar to Crook County’s reigh of the Stroger family.

    Time for the voters of Algonquin Township smarten up and NOT vote for the Miller stooges.

  7. Still looking for mention of the $60,000 Munaretto took from the Grafton Twp. taxpayers for a non-sale!

  8. Another watcher;
    June 3rd, 2010 blog “Finance topic on final day of Grafton Township seperation of powers suit testimony” Munaretto received $67,000 real estate commission.

    Apparently the Miller’s have sent out a mailing to several Algonquin Township Residents “Recommending” how they should vote Feb 26th, 2013.

    They dont have enough faith in ‘Their” canadate to win.

  9. Would you please send me a copy of any political letters you or others receive? The email address is on the left hand side of the page.

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