Linda Moore Sends Second Mailing

Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore has dropped a second direct mail piece in her campaign to gain the Republican nomination for the post she now holds.  She is running against Pam Fender and Marty Waitzman.

Moore lit 2-17-13 address  Only Choice for Lower Taxes

Linda Moore presses her campaign message that re-election will lead to lower real state taxes.

Moore lit 2-17-13 back

Linda Moore points out that she cut the Supervisor’s staff by 50%, took surplus money out of checking accounts and put it into money market funds, ran re-cycling programs for electronic goods and paid for senior citizen programs with private sponsorship.


Linda Moore Sends Second Mailing — 2 Comments

  1. The part I find hilarious with Linda’s claims that she can lower taxes is the fact that if she TOTALLY ELIMINATED the township portion of my tax bill (which she is incapable of doing), it wouldn’t even pay for 1 lunch at McDonalds A MONTH! It wouldn’t even save me enough money to take my wife out for a nice dinner ONCE A YEAR!

    The amount she can lower my taxes is less than the change sitting on my dresser!

    I’d be better off checking the couches for loose change at Starbucks than voting Linda into office!

  2. Reckless, wasteful spending of campaign dollars == reckless, wasteful spending of taxpayer dollars.

    Glossy Moore mailings never mention her contempt charges do they?

    I expect her lack of transparency to come to an abrupt end on Tuesday.

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