An Elgin Community College Trustee’s Missive

Robert A. Getz, Trustee at Elgin Community College, sends the following email:

ECC web page 2-20-13

“Since my last Newsletter, we have moved forward on the Burlington Project.

“If you drive by the land purchased, you will see a sign designating the point where our project will be located.

“This will not only be a positive addition to ECC’s support of our communities but also an economic boost to Burlington and its surrounding communities. Elgin Community College supports all of the communities within District 509!

“On Wednesday, February 20, 2013, the ECC Board held a special meeting to accept the offer from the City of Elgin to purchase the remaining acreage of the Spartan Meadows Golf Course. For a recent article on the purchase please click on the following – Read This

“My hope is that we will soon have a Community Meeting where you will voice your thoughts on how we will manage the vacant property on the South, Southwest and West sides of the campus.

“Some ideas I’ve had are to use the land along McLean Blvd for commercial leases to provide funding for the College and relieve you of a part of your tax burden while converting the remainder of the property to a natural environment to include an arboretum, botanical garden and floral garden with nature trails throughout for community enjoyment and student study.

“In April, we have the election of three Trustees.

“Two will be for six-year terms while one will be for a four-year term.

“Nadia Daley is running for the four-year term. I have discussed the issues of the College with her and am very comfortable with her positions. Most important, she concurs with my positions on Real Estate Taxes.

“I fully expect that we will support one another in working to reduce the Real Estate Tax Levy while keeping the excellence of education at ECC intact. I endorse Nadia Daley for election as a Trustee at Elgin Community College and urge you to vote for her.”

“After you’ve read this email, I look forward to your providing me with your thoughts, comments and suggestions. Please reply to or call at 630-777-8574 and provide your thoughts. I would be very happy to provide replies at the first opportunity.

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