Linda Moore Comparison Piece

Don’t know what order this mailing from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore arrived, but it seems to have hit.

It could be called a comparison piece. Naturally, the person paying for it comes off better than ones who did not. Pam Fender and Marty Waitzman aspire to replace Moore.

The address side of Linda Moore's comparison piece continues on her theme of lowering taxes.

The address side of Linda Moore’s comparison piece continues on her theme of lowering taxes.

Linda Moore compares herself with opponents Pam Fender and Marty Waitzman.

Linda Moore compares herself with opponents Pam Fender and Marty Waitzman.


Linda Moore Comparison Piece — 5 Comments

  1. Boy, Linda Moore spent a lot of money on glossy mailers, that were very questionable quality. Setting aside Moore’s dreadful term that left the township as recently as February 14th with only $8,500 in its coffers, BOTH of her recent glossy mailers don’t even mention WHEN the election is. The positive piece that hit on Friday only mentioned early voting through Saturday. Unless Moore plans one last mailing (and she’s banking her re-election on direct mail, since she has only a fraction of grassroots support she had four years ago with the defection of the Coyne Station bunch) clearly reminding voters of Tuesday as election day, the average voter who saw these pieces won’t turnout to vote.

    Now to the comparison/hit piece against her 2 opponents. First, she made opponents look too good. In comparison pieces like these, you use an image of your opponents, usually a black & white, making them look more sinister. For Fender, it won’t take much, and Waitzman before he shaved his beard off last summer would be an imposing picture in a bad light (perception that a politician with a beard has something to hide). Big miss for Moore there.

    The hits against Fender were dead-on, and I learned some things more about her that I didn’t know. Knew her education was lacking, but Fender is NOT a homeowner? Does she own any property in her name in Grafton Township or anywhere else? Moore clearly points out Fender was a pawn of the trustees, and shows voters who don’t read either McHenry County Blog or FEN that she is no outsider. She also pokes fun at Fender’s “Peace” campaign, but she could have done more with that (like, use a little pink Hippie peace symbol next to Fender’s name, since that is on Fender’s signs).

    Moore did a horrible job on the Waitzman comparison. First, it’s juris doctorate, not “Juris Doctors” for a J.D., and you usually italicize words in Latin. Putting all of Waitzman’s education makes him look real good. The litigation against Waitzman, documented in FEN, was a cheap shot because Waitzman was not an accountant for that company, but was their counsel. The half truth/lie-of-omission on Moore’s part was Waitzman was exhonerated in that litigation.

    Fender was hit the hardest, Waitzman for the most part, was hit with a couple of noogies.

    The only thing Moore has working for her going into Tuesday’s primary is she has invested significantly in direct mail, and if she manages to pull the nomination out on Tuesday, it will show that direct mail still works.

  2. THIS is how moore won the last election; by distributing mailings at the last minute before election which contained lies / misrepresentations about her opponents and herself which did not give her opponents time to publicly respond.

    moore has outspent her opponents and will win this election unless EACH of you CALL 5 of your friends and TELL THEM TO get out and VOTE for one of Moore’s opponents.

    history WILL repeat itself unless a higher percentage of people get out and vote.

  3. The “Blended Family” jab is a nice touch. It’s like “Hey, look at Martin. He’s a total sleaze ball for taking in his wife’s children and raising them as his own!”

  4. I know that it’s a quote from his website. But in the context of the comparison to your kids, we all know what you meant. It’s a low blow.

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