11:30 Demonstration Planned Monday at Jack Franks’ Woodstock Office

Demonstrators gathered in March 2009 to protest Jack Franks co-sponsorship of a bill to codify Supreme Court decisions that allow a baby to be aborted the day before delivery.

Demonstrators gathered in March 2009 to protest Jack Franks’ co-sponsorship of a bill (HB2354) to codify Supreme Court decisions that allow a baby to be aborted the day before delivery.

When Democratic Party State Representative Jack Franks signed on to co-sponsor a bill that would please the very pro-abortion Personal PAC, Pro-Lifers came out to picket his Woodstock office on Route 47 near the train overpass.

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History is repeating itself Monday, when social conservatives have scheduled a demonstration at 11 AM to protest his refusal to take to them about potential support for the Gay Marriage bill

Franks voted for the Civil Union bill, so his refusal to talk to the Gay Marriage bill’s opponents have led them to believe he will vote for it as well.

Here is the email that I received about Monday’s event:

Please come one and all to join us at Rep. Jack Franks office in Woodstock, Monday morning at 11:30 am in SUPPORT OF TRADITIONAL MARRIAGE.

“His office is located on Rt. 47 and Lake St. near the overpass. The address is actually 1193 S. Eastwood Dr (Rt. 47) in Woodstock.



“We will assemble at 11:30 and go through the lunch hour as it is a very busy time on Rt. 47, which is located right in the heart of the business district in Woodstock.

“Please share this with other like-minded people who care deeply about the proposed redefinition of marriage and its impact on our families, religious liberty, our schools where the ‘normalization of homosexuality will be promoted K-12, etc.

“We realize this is short notice, but Rep. Franks is leaving for Springfield where the progress of this bill is moving quickly. Our message is VOTE NO ON SAME-SEX ‘MARRIAGE.’

“You can also call his office, or email him directly:

  • Woodstock: 815-334-0063 815-334-9147 email: jack@jackfranks.org
  • Springfield: 217-782-1717 Fax: 217-557-2118″


11:30 Demonstration Planned Monday at Jack Franks’ Woodstock Office — 13 Comments

  1. Looks like Franks could be the Ben Nelson of McHenry county. TOAST if he votes yes. Time to get an opponent to run against Franks that represents the county and not 2% of the population.

  2. As long as Jack Franks continues to be supported and voted in by most of the people in McHenry County regardless of his votes why should he care?

    If he felt even the least bit threatened in his elected position he might listen.

    He not only feels secure but aspires to higher office.

    A protest is nice but forwarding an effective and funded candidate to dismantle Jack Franks in an election is the only protest Jack listens to at all.

    He is still fuming about John O’Neill’s presumption to “his seat”.

    und bravery like John’s and you will see a broken Jack on the altar of freedom.

    Good luck with the protest.

    Hope you will remember these votes when it comes time to produce real opposition to Jack’s arrogant destruction of this county.

  3. Priest…I would disagree. I seem to recall a protest in front of his office in the past regarding his support of a bill making it legal for our children to obtain an abortion while at school without their parents knowing, he pulled his sponsorship the next day. Protesting does work. You might try it sometime. Stand up for something or lay down for anything.

  4. There was a bill to allow abortions to be performed at school? I sure would love to hear more about that law.

    And FYI “one man and one woman” IS NOT “traditional marriage” by any stretch of the imagination.

  5. Joe you sound like you are operating in some other reality.

    From which planet do you hale?

  6. Joe…the picture in the article is from that very protest.

    A bill that would allow our children to leave school to obtain an abortion.

    Next time I will spell it out for you.

    The are not receiving the procedure that murders babies on school campus.

    Sorry I overestimated your grasp of reality.

  7. Tonya you have SUCH a way with people I still can’t believe the local party wouldn’t slate you to run for office.

  8. Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

    Jack Roeser and Steven Robert Verr are responsible for Franks’ power in McHenry County.

    They strongly supported his election in 1998 and 2000 despite being warned repeatedly that this was going to happen.

  9. I just drove past, and they had an impressive turnout.

    Lots of kids, too.

    It’s a shame that the “conservatives” in our county are more motivated by what gays do in the bedroom than by what our elected officials do with our tax dollars.

  10. What gays do in their bedroom does effect tax dollars because they want us to pay for the consequences of the behavior.

    If they want to pay for their own consequences both worldly and in eternity then so be it.

    We should not be required to be complicit in mortal sin.

    We only wish them to know the consequences by the author of life.

    Why are democats pushing this when we are the worst state in the nation for debt and dysfunction?

    Do they want us to look the other way as they fiddle while Rome burns?

    Apparently destroying the ages-old, Biblical institution of marriage needs to be thrown into the mix for our complete and utter destruction.

  11. Sorry I am late to the party … the Priest was mostly right.

    I absolutely love it when a group can’t win politically, then they call on the guy they didn’t support = COMEDY GOLD.

    When they act surprized = MORE COMEDY GOLD

    Collect your comedy gold before hyperinflation (doesn’t) hit.

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