Angela Koscavage Running for Nunda Township Clerk

Here’s another submission by a candidate that I haven’t gotten to until now.

She is Angela Koscavage, running for Nunda Township Clerk.

Here is a

Short bio for Angela (Ang) P. Koscavage

Angela Koscavage

Angela Koscavage

Angela, and her husband Clem have resided in Nunda Township for the past 25 years. They have two children.

She was employed as secretary/corporate librarian to the V.P. of Finance of a public gas company for five years, where she took corporate board minutes and maintained library files.

For twenty years, at Family Tutoring, Angela served as a liaison between parents and teachers and maintained accurate records during I.E.P. meetings as well as privately tutoring learning differenced children in reading and writing skills.

Angela has served the township as an election judge over the last twelve years. She has also filled in at the Supervisor’s Office during sicknesses and vacations. She has removed her name off as an election judge while a candidate in the February 26th election.

Currently, Angela works for Willow Creek Community Church part-time as the
assistant to the Director of Community Care and Equipping. She aids with the Monday evening support classes and also serves as a care pastor. She feels she has a giftedness in offering compassion. Walk-ins and those phoning the church with financial and emotional needs are greeted by Angela. She maintains accurate in-take notes and also serves as a care pastor.

“I choose to treat everyone in need with dignity and grace. Everyone has a story and until you hear it or have walked in their shoes, you can’t judge.” Angela is also a cancer survivor.

When asked why she is running for Nunda Township Clerk she said, “I am qualified, experienced and realize the importance in collecting and maintaining verbatim minutes.

I was recently asked by one of the committeemen,

“What would you do if someone would approach you on changing the wording to the minutes..say the Supervisor? How would you respond?”

“I said, my answer would be NO.

“I’d rather step down from the position than to do anything that wasn’t right.

“Verbatim has one definition I go by.I am accountable to someone higher than Nunda Township employees…God.

“I’m not a politician..but a citizen of the township who knows I can treat the position with a great deal of professionalism and the people of our township with the respect and dignity they deserve.”

Angela enjoys photography and family time. There is nothing like watching a Star Wars marathon with the family.

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Koscavage is running against Susan Jennings.

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