Pam Fender’s Literature and Campaign

One of the pieces of literature that I didn’t get around to writing about is Grafton Township Supervisor candidate Pam Fender.

It’s interesting from two points of view.

This is the front of Pam Fender's literature.  It is the positive pitch in the piece.

This is the front of Pam Fender’s literature. It is the positive pitch in the piece.  The irony on this side is is Fender’s backing away from a new township hall, which she promoted while she was Township Administrator before being ousted by Judge Michael Caldwell.

First, it is a combination of a positive pitch for Fender on one side and hit piece about opponents Linda Moore and Marty Waitzman on the other.

Combining positive and negative pitches in the same piece of literature is not a tactic most consultants would advise.

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I did point out to Fender that she had violated copyright laws by using photos of Moore and Waitzman from McHenry County Blog. Her volunteers subsequently crossed out the photos.

The back of Pam Fenders handout has the tape and criticism of opponents Linda Moore and Marty Waitzman.

The back of Pam Fender’s handout has the tape and criticism of opponents Linda Moore and Marty Waitzman.  Waitzman takes a sarcastic hit for being a lawyer. Moore is attached for hiring lawyers, but Fender does not mention that Moore’s Separation of Powers lawsuit was stimulated by the Trustees having unlawfully appointed Fender to take over as many of Moore’s duties as possible.  She does have a good play on words:  “This Township Can’t Take Any Moore.”

The second aspect of the piece is an innovation.

It has sticky tape which can be affixed to a glass door.

And, the glue is very difficult to remove.

Knocking on doors is done to make friends…even when the voters are not home.

The sticky tape, when stuck to storm doors, has made enemies for Fender, according to comments left under at least one previous story.

The door-to-door literature is the only promotional material I have seen.

Fender seems to have no signs and no direct mail. Perhaps she has campaigned in the Crystal Lake precincts of Grafton Township, but I have seen no evidence of such an effort.

In a low turnout election such as tomorrow’s will be, however, any candidate can win if they have identified their supporters and get them to the polls.


Pam Fender’s Literature and Campaign — 3 Comments

  1. Not when one compares it to the piles of fecal matter that’s encircled the township offices the last four years.

    Even today’s snowfall can’t cover Moore’s accumulated pile of BS.

  2. Did Cal offer a “critique” of Linda Moore’s campaign literature? I must have missed that blog entry.

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