Algonquin Township Board – The Times They Are a Changin’

As I reported eight days ago, Algonquin Township Road Commissioner Bob Miller, unopposed for re-election, was trying to take control of the Algonquin Township Board.  Maybe I should say “keep control.”

He contributed $1,000 to Marc Munaretto in his campaign to unseat Supervisor Dianne Klemm. While Munaretto ran a superior campaign, Klemm’s superior name identification led her to a convincing victory.

Bob Miller has supported monetarily stand next to each other on Algonquin Road.

Bob Miller has supported monetarily stand next to each other on Algonquin Road.

For Township Trustee, Miller contributed another $1,000 to Lowell Cutsforth’s campaign.

Shortly thereafter, signs started popping up promoting a slate of four candidates for Township Trustee:

  • Dan Shea
  • Lowell Cutsforth
  • Neils Kruse
  • Bill Bligh

On the other side were three candidates:

  • appointed incumbent Russ Cardelli
  • Larry Emery
  • Melissa Sanchez

As you can see below, those three bested all of Miller’s Trustee candidates.  The fourth winner, who came in second, was incumbent Shea, a former Fox River Grove Village President and McHenry County Board member.

Sitting on the Township Board will be the top four vote getters.

Sitting on the Township Board will be the top four vote getters.

Now, as evidenced by the salary increases approved by Trustees Shea, Cutsforth and Linda Lance, who ran for Clerk against Chuck Lutzow and lost, allies of Miller control the Algonquin Township Board.

After the newly-nominated, but certain-to-be elected, township officials are sworn in, four of five Board members will carry the memory that Miller tried to defeat them.

While the Township Road District is run by Miller with little oversight from the Board, there may be some.


Algonquin Township Board – The Times They Are a Changin’ — 5 Comments

  1. Algonquin Township trustee primary was definitely the “best news of the night” apart from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore’s crushing loss.

    The excitement about the victories by Russ Cardelli, Meli Sanchez and Larry Emery goes beyond the salary increase vote or defeating Bob Miller’s slate, Cardelli, Sanchez and Emery represent new blood into an aging Republican party in McHenry County, one of whom (Sanchez), also happens to be young, a woman and a Latina woman at that.

    Township trustees should be a position where newer blood gets experience governing, and when it’s time to run for higher office, they will be prepared.

    This is how one builds a “bench” for the future, and the township primary voters, knowingly or unknowingly, did this.

    Great work Algonquin Township voters for nominating (and all but electing) Cardelli, Sanchez and Emery, as well as nominating former Trustee Chuck Lutzow for township clerk.

  2. Cal…

    Thank you for your coverage of the Algonquin Township race.

    It’s nice to see Cardelli, Sanchez & Emery win the primary.

    Especially wonderful to see Miller’s “three” stooges voted out.

  3. I am thrilled to hear these results.

    We worked for these five (including Klemm and Luttzlow) and told our fellow party members it is time to clean up Algonquin AND the Fox River Grove Board.

    It is great t o see so many agreed.

    I bet Miller won’t be unopposed next time….

    Change is coming! April 6th is nearly here.

  4. Congratulations Russ Cardelli, Melissa Sanchez and Larry Emery! We know you will represent us as fiscal conservatives.

    Melissa and Larry – thank you for getting involved! So many races are uncontested, it is a shame.

  5. Yes, I too want to thank Algonquin Township voters for delivering the big win last night.

    With Dianne Klemm as Supervisor combined with newcommers Sanchez and Emery and of course Cardelli, we will be on a new conservative path.

    We are expecting good things to come from this new board and new things to come from their futures in politics.

    Thank you Cal for covering this election so informatively.

    I did not realize what an important win this was until I read your blog today.

    Thanks also to you for suggesting that I become a supporter of Larry Emery’s.

    I enjoyed every minute of it.

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