House Republicans in Springfield Promote Job Creation

A press release from State Rep. Mike Tryon:

Rep. Tryon Co-Sponsors Several Key Jobs Bills

SPRINGFIELD…..State Representative Mike Tryon (R-Crystal Lake) has signed on as a co-sponsor of five key job creation bills.

Several House Republicans spoke at a press conference at the Illinois Capitol Monday afternoon and announced a “Pro-Growth” Jobs Package which includes measures to reduce workers compensation fraud, ease business regulations, simplify licensing requirements and extend tax credits for research and development.

Mike Tryon

Mike Tryon

“In Illinois, work does not have to be the primary cause of an injury for an employee to receive workers compensation benefits,” said Tryon. “This unfair practice is costing Illinois businesses millions in unnecessary costs each year. We have to implement a higher causation standard for these claims.”

Tryon pointed to U.S. Labor statistics and current unemployment comparisons between states as another reason why legislators need to renew their commitment to job creation.

“Unemployment continues to hover at close to 9%, which is unacceptable, said Tryon. “These bills will go far in encouraging businesses to locate, stay, and expand in Illinois so people can find the jobs they are seeking.”

The jobs package announced Monday includes:

  • HB 107: Establishes a Workers’ Compensation primary causation standard to qualify for benefits
  • HB 2892: Eases regulations on businesses; expedites and simplifies licensure; cleans out superseded or bypassed Illinois laws and administrative rules
  • HB 2891: Makes permanent the Research & Development Tax Credit of 2012 and adds biodiesel and ethanol research as qualified R & D activities
  • HB 2230: Reduces the cost of setting up a LLC in Illinois by 50%
  • HB2890: Accelerates the Corporate Tax Rollback to promote economic growth

“This is exactly the kind of legislation that lawmakers need to enthusiastically support,” said Tryon.

“I hope each of these bills receives widespread bipartisan support.” The bills will be heard at the committee level over the next few weeks.

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