Township Supervisor Races: Klemm, Fender Win Convincingly, Jennings over Provenano by 12

The score for those challenging incumbent township supervisors was 50-50.

Algonquin Township Supervisor Dianne Klemm fended off the strong challenge of Clerk Marc Munaretto.

Dianne Klemm bested Marc Munaretto

Dianne Klemm bested Marc Munaretto 56%-44%.

But Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore could not withstand the four years of relentless pounding by winner Pam Fender and her allies.

With only

With only 1996 votes cast any of the three candidates could have won.  Pam Fender, spending the least, got more of her supporters to the polls that did Linda Moore or Marty Waitzman.

Pam Fender’s fight to become Grafton Township Supervisor could be blocked by Independent Jim Kearns.

“While I’m disappointed with the results of today’s election,” Moore said, “I truly appreciate the volunteers and supporters across the township that made my grassroots campaign possible.

“Together we reformed the Grafton Township Supervisor’s Office.

“We ended patronage and eliminated waste.

“I’ll always be grateful to the voters for entrusting me with the job of reforming the Township Supervisor’s Office four years ago,” she continued. “I want to put the rhetoric aside and move forward. I wish my successor well.”

In Nunda Township only twelve votes separate leading vote getting Lee Jennings and Bridgett Provenzano. Don’t expect a concession from Provenzano. She will wait until the canvass, if not request a discover recount.

The results, which are almost complete, show Lee Jennings beating Bridgett Provenzano by twelve votes.

The results, which are almost complete, show Lee Jennings beating Bridgett Provenzano by twelve votes.  One can only wonder what would have been the result if Kerry Leigh had withdrawn from the race in time for her name to have been removed from the ballot.

And the winner in Nunda will face an Independent candidate in April.


Township Supervisor Races: Klemm, Fender Win Convincingly, Jennings over Provenano by 12 — 10 Comments

  1. Linda, to have a “grassroots” campaign, wouldn’t you need community support?

    I would not call spending $8-$10K of your own money a “grassroots” campaign. Fender spent $2K .

    The people have spoken.

  2. Hey Cal, go take some pictures of Linda this morning lets she if she smiles like the ones you took of her leaving court?

    Cal, your stake horse just came up lame how’s that feel?

  3. Cal, can you please remove Linda Moore’s political ad from the banner on the left? If Linda paid through the end of the month, I understand.

    Linda Moore, please have David remove your unsightly signs from our community. Thanks in advance.

  4. I had the “pleasure” of meeting Linda Moore at the Huntley Expo.

    I gave her the benefit of the doubt when listening to her pitch—which seemed odd, but whatever.

    She’s a pol and that’s what pols do—shovel the manure of lies and half-lies and mold it into a cake for you to eat.

    That I can deal with; however, I was perplexed when she pitched her husband as a write-in candidate for Trustee.

    Huh?! Really?

    What’s the game plan for her: If she loses (lost), her husband still has a shot to be a pain in the ass on the board.

    Or, if she won, hubby would serve the board while she’s a Supervisor?

    Not only is that conflicting, it shows a gross negligence of professionalism.

    Wrong, wrong, wrong.

    That dumb idea should have never left the dinner table.

    From the looks of it, I consider Fender to be about 2% better. Her mailings are insulting. Yes, I know you are a Christian—start acting like one.

    I have followed national politics for years, but I have say to say: Grafton Township politics ranks high in the scumbaggery department.

    It’s humorous.

    I think I will take my seat and start commenting regularly.

    Get ready.

  5. If David wins, will he wear an earpiece during the meetings so that Linda can tell him how to think?

    Cal’s admiration for Linda has wained. He likes Sanchez now.

  6. No earpiece for Dave.

    Linda can wear a GREEN SHIRT and stand-up to signal a “yea” vote.

    If Linda stay seated, then its a “nay” vote.

    It worked well for her in the past.

  7. @GeeWizz, LuvLuvLinda

    It’s all telepathic-like. Think of a Sith Lord. 🙂

  8. Linda Moore getting her husband as a write in for Grafton Twp?

    Will every township attempt to have it be a “family affair” like the MIllers in Algonquin Twp., Nunda, trying to have a family “affair” with the Jennings and Provenzanos … Enough already!

  9. I never realized the amount of low class people we have in Grafton township until I start reading these posts and the ones on Huntley neighbors.

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