Melissa Sanchez – New Bright Light for McHenry County Republican Party

Melissa Sanchez of Lake in the Hills, a victor for Algonquin Township Trustee.

Melisssa Sanchez soon to be an Algonquin Township Trustee.

As I was knocking on doors this past weekend, I was talking about Melissa Sanchez.

You may remember that political commentators after the President election said that Republicans had to find more appeal to Hispanics (I prefer the word “Latino” because it’s not a government-created word) and young people.

Enter now 22-year old Melissa Sanchez.

Except she decided to run for Township Trustee before the election.

She just earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Illinois in Springfield.

During her course of study, she was an intern with House Republican Leader Tom Cross.

After graduating last month, she was snapped up by a statewide trade association.

This past summer she went to the McHenry County Fair and visited the GOP booth while it was being manned by Tom McDermott.

She asked him how to become a Republican Precinct Committeeman.

This past October, GOP Chairman Mike Tryon appointed her and her Township Trustee running mate Larry Emery to fill two of the many empty precincts–Sanchez in Lake in the Hills and Emery in Crystal Lake.

Sanchez met her fiancé on a bus three years ago.

Where was the bus going?

To the annual Pro-Life Rally in Washington, D.C.

When do you think someone in the mainstream press will figure out she is worth interviewing?


Melissa Sanchez – New Bright Light for McHenry County Republican Party — 9 Comments

  1. Bright light, is right Cal!

    So glad common sense prevailed and she won despite the attacks.

    As always, truth will always prevail in the end!

  2. why would a republican list a democrat as an endorsement. especially when it wasnt a reall endorsement??

  3. I Did indeed Vote for Melissa, but before we hail her as the second coming, let’s see her do her Job. I am cautious when a new comer brags about who she worked for in Springfield…..after all that’s Old Guard not new visions. And it’s not like they are getting anything done!

  4. She did not brag about it. I mentioned it.

    And if I am wrong to be excited about new blood in the McHenry County Republican Party, so be it.

    When you step forward to be walk door-to-door as a Republican Precinct Committeeman, I’ll rejoice for that, too.

  5. @moreBS, Agreed, Ms. Sanchez must prove herself once she’s in office, beginning in May.

    While there is little an individual township trustee can do, we do hope the experience will prepare her for bigger challenges and victories in the future.

    She has other, bigger life-changes coming up in the near future too (marriage, for one).

    If she thrives in all of this now, she does have a bright future, and may indeed be a 2nd coming of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez.

    If you do not know Martinez’s story, please check it out.

    Anyone who can go from growing up in the lower valley of El Paso, TX, to winning local election as a Republican in a heavily Democratic county in southern New Mexico, and 14 years later, winning the governorship of a blue state, that is someone we need more of in the Republican party at the local level.

  6. Yea right, 95% of Mexicans use LINK, section-8, All for Kids, etc. A recent poll showed only 19% of Latinos favored a smaller government.

    This is a pathetic attempt by Conservative Inc. to placate the tidal wave of Third World demographics inundating this country.

  7. It makes me sick when someone uses the religion angle when it’s false.

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