Ronda Goldman Launches Campaign at Huntley Expo

Rhonda Goldman greeted voters at the Huntley Expo.

Ronda Goldman greeted voters at the Huntley Expo. Husband Alan accompanied her.

Had not I been knocking on doors in support of candidates when the Huntley Expo was going on, I might have taken this photograph myself.

But I didn’t.  Huntley Village Trustee candidate Ronda Goldman sent it.

She also emailed the following comments:

“I would like to thank everyone who stopped by my campaign booth on Saturday and Sunday.

“I had a lot of visitors who expressed interest in my mission and goals and support for my desire to be a trustee in Huntley.

“It was an interesting experience as this is the first time I have run for a public office.

“I noted that many seniors attended the Expo on Saturday and that families with young children came on Sunday.

“It also appeared that the Saturday visitors seemed to come from Huntley and that yesterday’s attendees came from diverse places such as Marengo, Cary, Crystal Lake, Hampshire, Hebron, etc.

“Kudos to the Huntley Chamber of Commerce for organizing a wonderful well-attended event.”

Ronda S. Goldman
Candidate for Huntley Trustee(Independent)


Ronda Goldman Launches Campaign at Huntley Expo — 1 Comment

  1. Yes, it was a good event; and it was nice to see lot of people and families visiting.

    I lived in Gilberts for coming to Huntley, so it’s nice to see a town actually do something worthwhile.

    Yes, Gilberts: The town–eh, hamlet–who things it’s still 1963.

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