Update on School Clinic Plans in Woodstock School District

Woodstock North High School

Woodstock North High School

A parent sent the following letter to District 200:

“If you remember, in 1998, the McHenry County Board had accepted Title X money and by doing so, had to dispense contraceptives to minors without parental knowledge or consent.

“Crystal Lake teacher, William Saturday, was found guilty of taking his 14 yr. old student to the Health Dept. for her contraceptives so he could continue to abuse her. He is serving time in prison. [Actually, he has been released and I believe the conviction had to do with having sexual relations with a minor.]

“Woodstock District 200 does not need to expose itself to

  1. similar dangers to its students and
  2. to the threat of lawsuits.

“District 200 does not need to get into the business of healthcare.

“There are plenty of other places in which families are able to obtain healthcare services.

“That is what the county Health Dept. is supposed to provide.

“Please reconsider accepting this grant.

“I would appreciate a response.”

The Woodstock School District Superintendent replied:

“I appreciate your email contact and am responding on behalf of the Board of Education and the District.

“I am not sure where the misinformation is coming from but I want to assure you that any service provider who would operate a health clinic at any of our schools would sign an agreement with the District that contains among many items two important provisions.

  1. “The first is that NO student would be seen without parent/guardian permission and/or without the parent/guardian being present with the student.
  2. “The second is that No contraceptive materials would be distributed or prescribed for ANY student.

“There is absolutely no legal obligation to do so and District 200 has no intention of getting involved in this area.”Again I am not sure who it is that is assuming that the preventive services being considered by District 200 would include contraceptives.

“Please share this information with anyone who is making this interpretation so that they can have the correct information.

“I give you my personal assurance, the assurance of the Board of Education and the assurance of Lisa Tate, D200 Health Services Coordinator, that this will be the case if a Health Clinic is ever established within our District.

“The Administration and Board discussed this issue in detail and we are all in strong support to avoid any involvement with contraceptive distribution or education.

“If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.”


Ellyn Wrzeski, Superintendent


Update on School Clinic Plans in Woodstock School District — 2 Comments

  1. The idea of the Health Clinic is to replace SEDOM Educational Center.

    D200 has been active in making sure SEDOM Coop disolves.

    D200 Special Ed services are not just for D200 residents.

    Sad state affairs for spec ed in this county!

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