Jack Franks Polls on Same Sex Marriage, Reader Says It Wasn’t Franks Polling

Looks like a friend of Jack Franks has a correction. He/she apparently got the phone call and says, “This entire post is a blatant fabrication and a lie. I received the poll too, and it clearly indicated it was from an outside group.”

So, it appears someone else polled with the intent of giving Jack Franks the results, if it turned out the way the unidentified “outside group” wanted.

Correction duly noted and article moved up so people can see the new information.

Also noted is that the person making the comment used a fake email address.

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A message to Democrat Jack Franks at the demonstration in front of his office.

A message to Democrat Jack Franks at the demonstration in front of his office.

Apparently actively considering voting to approve the gay marriage bill, State Rep. Jack Franks has phone calls being made asking the following question:

“Would you vote to re-elect Jack Franks in 2014 if he votes for same-sex marriage?”

Franks voted for the civil unions bill, but had no opponent on the ballot to test his continuing drift to the Left, even though Tea Party activist Tonya Franklin volunteered for the challenge.  (She was shot down by local Republican Party leaders.)

Late last month a group over 100 picketed Franks’ Route 47 Woodstock office, but he didn’t have time to speak to anyone on the subject.

Something in Chicago was more important.

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If you got a call like this, please let us know any other details.


Jack Franks Polls on Same Sex Marriage, Reader Says It Wasn’t Franks Polling — 25 Comments

  1. Jack Franks is a weasel.

    This issue shows this guy has no conscience.

    He just votes/says whatever he has to in order to be elected.

    It’s amazing he still has any supporters – outside of the press.

    Well, we have to thank Steve Verr and Jack Roeser for supporting this weasel.

  2. Weasel?

    For taking the pulse of the people who elected him? Interesting perspective.

  3. I am not sure I would vote to re-elect anyone this early; however, to answer the question: No, it wouldn’t change my vote (if I were to vote for him).

    Part of me believes the term “marriage” applies to a man and a woman only, and has so since the start of civilization.

    But, I wouldn’t exactly fight it—were it to happen. Let them have it.

  4. There is a group of social conservatives trying to meet with Jack Franks today in his Woodstock office to discuss the issue.

    Franks dodged them in Springfield on Marriage Lobby Day, dodged them at the rally at his office last week, and has been dodging all their phone calls.

    Let’s see if he shows up today.

    Where’s Jack????

  5. The greatest gift we can leave our children is the gift of acceptance of others who lives might differ from our own.

    Today’s children are already exposed to same sex couples. See the kids play at the bus stops in the morning. A white child, a Hispanic child, a Black child, an Asian child.

    All getting along without any prejudice. Finally!

    Allow our children to develop their own mind set without prejudice.

    Thank you.

  6. Village, FYI your statement ““marriage” applies to a man and a woman only, and has so since the start of civilization.” is patently untrue.

  7. @Joe: I agree with you.

    My remark as more of a generalization–to give a punch to my last statement.

  8. I have never voted for Franks and this would do nothing to change my mind.

    This is pandering to get votes from a small group while alienating those that in a real marriage.

  9. Joe,

    You sound reasonable. Your retorts are ostensibly are rational. You appear as though you are supportive of someone who is thoughtfully assessing an important issue. But….

    You know you are wrong.

    You are a ideologicall supporter of Franks and your argument is as phony as Franks himself.

    The “gay issue” is something that reveals a deep seated conviction of your world-view.

    It is not an issue that should be assessed by assessing polls…unless you are a weasel.

    That was my point, and you know it.

    You gave a typical liberal “bully” move by attacking and discrediting and cloaking your argument in “reason”.

    Franks is pro-gay and you and I know it.

    He has voted against the gays in the past however for political expediency.

    Now he’s in a bind.

    He’s assessing the political ramifications of switching positions.

    That’s why I sum up his positioning: “WEASEL”

  10. My almost 80 year old father still uses the word, “Nigger” in his home!

    I cringe just to speak to such a big-git!!

    Yes my own father I cannot stand to speak to and have asked that he disinherit me.

    I do not want my children to ‘cringe’ when they hear the word ‘gay,’ and become biggit’s with dark souls.

    Life is what it is.

    The ‘gay’ lifestyle is not for me by any means.

    That being said I know many ‘gay’ couples and I would have wised they raised me as compared to the biggit who had!

    Don’t worry, ‘Gay’ doesn’t ‘get on you’ if you get to close folks.

    God bless the children who minds are open and free from oppression.

  11. The only people who are closed-minded these days, Mr. Zebra, are liberals.

    There are two groups obsessed about race: skin-heads and liberals.

    Homosexuality is not a civil right, it is a behavior.

    No one is mistreating gay people.

    The only group who it is acceptable to bash and for Govenment to sanction bigotry is against Christians.

    Mr. Zebra, you are “Christian-phobic”…to use your own phrasiology.

  12. The gays already have civil unions and now they are going after traditional marriage.

    The same way they are trying to infiltrate the Boyscouts.

    The gays could start their own “Gay Boyscouts of America” but that’s not what it’s all about.

    It’s about attempting to change society and the media helps them along with their accusations that we are “wrong”, that we are “haters”.

    The actual “haters” are those attempting to destroy true marriage between one man and one woman in a meager attempt to gain acceptance.

    Well, it will never work because man’s laws do not surpass God’s laws.

    Gay “marriage” will never be accepted by the general population, law or not.

  13. Glad you know me so well Skeptic. But you got it all wrong.

    I personally think Franks is looking for an excuse to vote against this bill(“MY polling showed the people are AGAINST IT!”) and that makes me sad.

    But Representatives, represent.

    Checking the pulse of your electorate doesn’t make you a Weasel.

  14. I understand the positions taken.

    So, we do we do about the Catholic church?

    I am Roman Catholic, have had Catholic priests, yes plural, come on to me as a young man.

    Im not a liberal. I’m realistic. It’s going to happen whether or not we like it. We may as well allow our children to choose who the ‘good parents’ are and who is not.

    Can we not agree that today, ‘straight couples’ have raised some messed up kids?

    Conversely, can we not admit some wonderful children are the product of being raised by same sex parents.

    It’s none of our business what others do as long as they aren’t hurting anybody else.

    Unlike the Catholic church???

    If this is liberal thinking, I’m guilty.

    Thank you.

  15. This entire post is a blatant fabrication and a lie.

    I received the poll too, and it clearly indicated it was from an outside group.

    Typical lazy “journalism” from this blog.

    I challenge you to post some proof, but I know you can’t.

  16. I wonder sometimes whether Cal’s ongoing ignorance is merely political propaganda or if he actually has no commitment to checking the most basic facts.

  17. Tried to thank you for the correction, but you used a fake email address.

  18. Yeah, same sex marriage, a real hard hitting important issue.

    For closet gays.

  19. To the haters: Bitter much?

    I really don’t care who did the polling and for what reason.

    Is a politically motivated?

    Of course, he’s a politician and that’s what they do.

    The question still stands: Would it change your vote if he voted for it?

    No, for me, this one particular issue would not change my vote; however, I think we have more problems in this state to attend to.

  20. Village. Am I a “hater” because I question your beloved leader?

    Should we all bow down before the One, Jack the Great?

    How dare anyone question the motives of Jack the Great!

    Of course, the issue of legitimizing homosexual marriage not only reveals internal core beliefs, the decision will affect how the culture advances toward the future.

    How dare we question the Great One’s politically motivated decision on an issue that should be deeply inculcated in his psyche.

    You are right on there being more important issues to address, however.

    On that point I agree with you strongly.

    How is Jack the Great and his Democratic comrades doing on that one?

    State seems to be headed down the fiscal cliff.

    Frank’s record on the economy is even WORSE than his political equivocation on an important social issue!

    Oh, but I’m a “hater” for questioning the Great One.

  21. Polling or not, this is something that no person created by God should ever be inclined to rationalize.

    Ann Barnhardt explains it concisely…”Oh, and with respects to sodomy, two men jamming things into each other’s feces-laden colons or two women abusing one another is irrational.

    Like it or not, sex has to make anatomical sense and be ordered toward reproduction.

    And, nipping the screeching in the bud, sex between man and wife that is naturally infertile due to either a natural condition in a young woman, or due to the infertility of age in an older woman is 100% ratified by God in the miraculous births of Isaac and John the Baptist.

    Sodomy is irrational, intrinsically hateful and physically violent and is in direct opposition to the existential reality of human anatomy.


    It can never, ever proceed from love.”…

    Thank you Ann, and to the others that have posted similarly.

    People, please start thinking.

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