Roskam Explains Continuing Resolution Support

A press release from Peter Roskam:

Roskam on CR Passage, GOP’s Commitment to a ‘Balanced Fiscal Future’

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-06) released the following statement on the passage of the Continuing Resolution that funds the government through this fiscal yea

Peter Roskam

Peter Roskam

“Today, the House acted to keep the government open and funded through the end of the fiscal year. We also provided the Department of Defense with the flexibility to implement the sequester in a way that makes more sense for our national security and ensures the well-being of our veterans and servicemen and women.

“While the certainty that this Continuing Resolution brings for the fiscal year is a good thing, the next step must be a lasting strategy to get our country on strong financial footing.

“The House GOP is committed to a balanced fiscal future, where spending cuts and reforms are matched with economic growth and opportunity.

“In the coming weeks, our focus is on producing a budget that tackles our out of control spending, creates jobs and boosts confidence in the middle class.

“House Republicans will continue to work on a long-term approach that averts the coming debt crisis, without going back to the taxpayers to do it.

“We owe it to the American people to work towards balancing our budget, and getting our country out from under a cloud of economic uncertainty.”

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