Barb Wheeler Verbalizes Thoughts on Budget Message

I rarely watch politicians on YouTube, but this one from State Rep. Barb Wheeler probably is an indication that the House Republican staff is going to use the communication tool to try to reach constituents:


Barb Wheeler Verbalizes Thoughts on Budget Message — 3 Comments

  1. Amen !

    Spot on Mrs Wheeler!

    Wow….why can’t other Republicans articulate the conservative fiscal approach (the approach everyone with a brain knows is the correct approach) like Mrs. Wheeler does in this video.

  2. @Allen, doesn’t the oath of office include supporting the Constitution against ALL enemies, foreign & DOMESTIC?

    The AG has told Paul on numerous occasion that drones will not be used to strike at American Terrorist on American Soil.

    Paul’s filibuster and I an might add a real one until he had to pee, was just a carnival over an issues that has been answered time and time again.

    As the AG said AGAIN yesterday the answer still remains NO!

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