Jack Franks Finally Talks to Gay Marriage Opponents

Joe Edwards

Joe Edwards

Patriots United’s Joe Edwards traveled to Marengo Saturday morning to talk to Jack Franks at Wisted’s Supermarket. Here is his report:

“Many thanks to Eileen Vogel, Julia Crenshaw, Nancy Cole and Joyce Story for getting the word out on Jack Franks table top visit at Wisteds in Marengo. Key things we learned and had reinforced for us all:

  1. Of the estimated 20-25 people there, all but several were in attendance to reinforce traditional marriage for the sake of our children and urging Jack to oppose redefinition of marriage. There were excellent remarks on behalf of our children as to why the institution of marriage should not be trifled with
  2. Jack’s comments:
  • He believes this issue should not be even discussed at this time with the financial crisis we have in our state
  • He admitted not having read the bill
  • He thought there was adequate religious protection in the bill and corrected by citizenry
  • He welcomed the input, received several documents including Dr. Morse’ testimony in Springfield that explain why this is bad public policy and Jack promised to read them to be better informed
  • He remained non-committal as to his vote

“I personally spoke to Jack one-on-one afterwards, thanking him for his time and informed him his staff was not acknowledging emails or calls of concerned constituents.

“He indicated disappointment with this information and promised to speak to his staff.

“I know most all of us agree that civility is the best policy in these forums.

“As conservatives, we wish to treat everyone with dignity, even in our frustration and when we feel we are not being treated in kind.

“Giving people the courtesy of listening, finishing their thoughts and only then responding is always in order.

“I was very encouraged and honored to be among such caring people who attended and treated Jack respectfully.

“To the one gentleman who simply could not cease his criticism, let’s extend grace toward him and encourage him to trust in the Lord during these trying times.

“We all share his frustration but I believe we realize there is a kinder path that can be a powerful witness as we speak the truth, in love.

“Let’s keep the pressure on in the days ahead.

“And if you have any strong articles or white papers that you believe bolster our arguments, now is the time to get them into Jack’s hands.

“We know what the Bible says on this matter.

“But our legislative body needs more than Biblical proof-texting.

“Some scoff at the Bible.

“So let’s give them what they can absorb.

“They need sound arguments from academia and they are out there.

“The key is to get Jack to read them.”

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Jack Franks Finally Talks to Gay Marriage Opponents — 8 Comments

  1. I can just see the people looking to “save” marriage now back during the Emancipation Proclamation whining that Lincoln didn’t consider the biblical justification of treating non white people as property.

  2. Franks started talking when his party allowed him to.

    he’s a controlled robot.

    He cant give strait answers to anything because he has to ask him party and supporters what to say first.

    lets get him out of office and quick

  3. “Super important issue,” said no one to nobody ever, outside of this little group.

  4. 03/11/2013 at 6:55 pm Zachary Cordane says: “I can just see the people looking to “save” marriage now back during the Emancipation Proclamation whining that Lincoln didn’t consider the biblical justification of treating non white people as property.”

    Zachary, can you please tell me where you find any Biblical justification for slavery?

  5. While I am not a bible scholar, and don’t want to jump on Zachary’s querey, I believe that we were a “Christian Nation” when we started … when slavery was just fine.

  6. “However, you may purchase male or female slaves from among the foreigners who live among you. You may also purchase the children of such resident foreigners, including those who have been born in your land. You may treat them as your property, passing them on to your children as a permanent inheritance. You may treat your slaves like this, but the people of Israel, your relatives, must never be treated this way. (Leviticus 25:44-46 NLT)”

    There you go. I only posted one- there are plenty more.

  7. Yeah…about Biblical endorsement of slavery, I’d say God making the Chosen People slaves is a pretty big ringing endorsement that it is OK.

    I don’t think churches should be forced to accept members/pastors that violate what they believe in. I also think it is absolutely ridiculous that people are against homosexuals being allowed to marry. I am Christian (Lutheran to be specific), but I have never understood what the big deal is so long as churches aren’t forced to marry them if they choose not to.

    It is oppression on homosexuals, not Christians. If you do not believe in it, then preach against it, don’t do it, whatever…but to deny them the ability to marry on the grounds that it is an attack on your freedom of religion?

    I’m straight and I don’t get why a male would like another man. I think it is weird, and most homosexuals I have been exposed to have been flamboyant and I found it annoying. That being said, it does not affect anyone other than themselves and so long as you aren’t forced to accept them in your churches (although I always assumed religion of any type was for the sinners), I consider people who deny people their rights/equitable treatment to be on par with the worst this country has to offer. I will stand up for your rights/equitable treatment: why can’t you do the same for everyone else?

    If you make laws based on what you believe in, rather than being as permissive as possible (something this country has floundered with, especially recently), what makes us any different than countries we routinely lambast such as Iran/China/N Korea?

    Sharia law is the same thing this is: something based entirely on religious belief that people may very well legitimately disagree with if not a follower of that religion.

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