Johnsburg Trustee Says Village President Posted Press Release on His Own

The Village of Johnsburg's web site on Friday, the day after the Village Board Meeting.

The Village of Johnsburg’s web site on Friday, the day after the Village Board Meeting.  You can see the top of the press release.

Friday a press release arrived from the Village of Johnsburg which attacks Margaret Haney, who is running for Village President against the incumbent Ed Hettermann.

Subsequently, Johnsburg Village Trustee Ron Zanko sent the following communication:

Ron Zanko

Ron Zanko

“On Friday, March 8th, the Village of Johnsburg posted a press release to the news media and its residents maliciously chastising a Johnsburg family.

“For the record, President [Ed] Hettermann confirmed having made a unilateral decision to post the press release without first consulting the Village Trustees.

“For those unaware, the wife of the family in question is Mr. Hettermann’s opponent in the upcoming spring election for Village President.

“Furthermore, the electronic media tools used in the posting are those belonging to the Village which are supported and paid for with taxpayer dollars.

“Conduct of this nature is reprehensible and to use the Villages assets to campaign under the guise of a Village press release is unacceptable.

“To Frank and Margaret Haney, I offer my personal sincere apology as your elected official and acknowledge your rights as residents to speak in a public forum and access documents that are part of the public record.

“I believe similar regrets will be forthcoming from other Board members.”


Johnsburg Trustee Says Village President Posted Press Release on His Own — 2 Comments

  1. It seems very odd that an Incumbent President does a no show at the Endorsement Meeting at the Northwest Herald!

    Mr. Hetterman you can run but you cannot hide!

    You run from the endorsements, you run from the truth, are you running from the Illinois State Police too???HMMMM, and yet you run for office.


  2. judge cadwell called mrs. haney’s antics”abusive and drive”

    if you look at google maps you will see the property that is no longer in question is an extension of maple rd.

    the haney’s used this property free of charge for thier business for years.

    no other business has been awarded with such benefit,over $40,000 in taxpayers money has gone to fight haney’s allegations so far.

    the map also shows the back of the yard as the bolling rd. easment,if google maps are correct they have put a garage on public property?

    when i asked haney questions she won’t answer me either then my link was cut.

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