Sun-Times Asks Judge McIntyre to Be Removed from Vanecko Case

After reading yesterday’s front page story about Judge Maureen McIntyre, maybe I should have guessed that there would have been an editorial today calling for her to “Step Aside.”

Chicago Sun-Times editorial calling for Judge Maurene McIntyre to "Step Aside."

Chicago Sun-Times editorial calling for Judge Maurene McIntyre to “Step Aside.”

The first reason was her divorce from her husband, who continues to live with her. Done in Boone County, its terms protected marital assets from being seized by her husband’s creditors, as I understand the decision.

Now, the Sun-Times argues that her husband’s patronage jobs with a convicted Chicago Alderman and with the Dan Walker administration and his parents’ patronage jobs under the first Mayor Richard Daley are another reason that McIntyre should recuse herself from trying that Mayor Daley’s grandson.


Sun-Times Asks Judge McIntyre to Be Removed from Vanecko Case — 5 Comments

  1. Obviously, the defense does not want a good judge hearing this case.

    The effort to dirty Judge McIntyre is Cook County/Daley tactics at their very worst.

    Can anyone comment on Dan Webb’s involvement, which is puzzling?

  2. Sun Times suggests Chief Judge replace Judge McIntyre.

    My thoughts – be careful what you wish for.

  3. I KNOW that she used to be in divorce court(she did mine), and I believe that she is now in juvinile court.

    Trust me when I say that she has heard enough “litte snot-nosed Tommys” to never have to worry about crook county, Patirck FItzgerald, or the Sun Times, nor anything anyone esle may try and smear her with or on.

    Has ANYONE shown or have any PROOF that she lives with her ex?

    Has someone camped outside her home for longer than 24 hours to see if he goes in, stays overnight, and leaves the next day? Don’t bet on it……………The Sun-Times once again is showing why it has become irrelevant as a valid NEWS source.

  4. Curiouser and curiouser. AZ, you called Patrick Fitzgerald a snot nosed little Tommy? Interesting, do tell more.

    I am sure that if her ex didn’t live with her, a quick denial (before now) would have quelled the story. I have to assume if that didn’t happen the story is fairly accurate.

    You seem to know a lot about her, hmmm.

    Fromthesidelines: you are super correct, they could easily jump out of the pot and into the fire here!

    Anonymous: You believe she is a good judge, please tell us why.

  5. I have personally seen her break the law in court.

    She has a God complex,and she hates men.

    Now we all know why.

    You can all stick up for her questionable actions if you want,I know the score !

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