Republican Trustee Candidate Bob Wagner Joins Restore Grafton Township Independents

When I saw Republican Party Grafton Township nominee Bob Wagner in the Courthouse this morning, I asked if the Grafton Township Republican candidates were going to run as a slate as the McHenry Township candidates are.

He didn’t say, “Yes.”

I asked about the “Restore Grafton Township” slate.

“They like me,” he replied.

In driving home from the Courthouse, I passed the property of Wagner’s lawyer buddy Jim Bishop.  I saw a lot of Restore signs, plus a white and blue one that just said, “Wagner.”

These signs can be seen at attorney Jim Bishop's property.  They are for the independents running for Grafton Township office, plus Republican Trustee candidate Bob Wagner.

These signs can be seen at attorney Jim Bishop’s property. They are for the independents running for Grafton Township office, plus Republican Trustee candidate Bob Wagner.

You can see the blue and white sign below:

Bob Wagner's all-purpose yard sign.

Bob Wagner’s all-purpose yard sign.

I ran some errands and happened to drive past Wagner’s office on Walkup Avenue.

Below you see what I saw:

The signs in front of Bob Wagner's law office on Walkup Avenue.

The signs in front of Bob Wagner’s law office on Walkup Avenue.  Note the blue and white sign at the end of the line.

The Independents only filed three candidates for Trustee:

  • Joseph H. Holtorf
  • Tamara L. Lueth
  • Daniel G. Ziller, Jr.

There are four to be elected.

All are from Huntley. Holtorf was a GOP precinct committeeman in Grafton 27 in 2009. Lueth was elected GOP precinct committeeman in Grafton 4.

They are also running candidates for Supervisor, Assessor and Road Commissioner. The slate has no candidate for Township Clerk.

The Republican winner for Supervisor, Pam Fender, did not fare well in the election returns I saw for six Crystal Lake precincts.

Wagner is a former Mayor of Crystal Lake.


Republican Trustee Candidate Bob Wagner Joins Restore Grafton Township Independents — 16 Comments

  1. Is it any coincidence that the restore group signature color is green?…as in “the green shirts” of 2010?

    I remember all too well how this group endorsed Linda Moore, thereby initiating all the problems we have today.

    I remember them railroading the Township meeting inn 2010 and telling people how they should vote.

    They handed out flyers and told the public to vote when they stood up.

    Check out these videos to refresh your memory.

    Are you willing to give them a second chance at that? I’m not.

    Vote FENDER for Supervisor
    Vote POZNANSKI for Road Commissioner
    Vote JENSEN for Assessor

    Al Z has already proven that he will compromise his ethics for his own benefit. ie: appraising his girlfriends home (a home that he now lives in) without disclosing that he had an interest in the property.

  2. Welcome to Meatball Government! Wasn’t their pal and neighbor, Mrs Moore, championing the same “integrity, accountability and transparency” cause? Look how that turned out! I suspect this group has as much experience and ethics as the last person to toot that horn.

  3. “Seeing the Light” needs to see the light!

    Continuing to repeat falsehoods and aspersions won’t make them true.

    It didn’t work in the primary and it won’t work now.

    For about the 15th (and now second last) time…

    (1) There was no ethics violation. If I missed it, please cite it and your source.

    (2) The appraisal had no impact on the sales price. The appraisal’s cover letter is dated 10/3/2011, 3 days AFTER the reported sale.

    (3) The sale price was established by three competing offers which, when combined with the property’s 700+ days on market, fulfilled every definition of market value and constituted an arm’s-length transaction.

    (4) The Board of Review used the sales price, not the appraisal, to set their assessed value.

    So, we have:
    – a valid appraisal performed AFTER the sale,
    – a valid appraisal that WAS NOT USED by the Board of Review and
    – a valid appraisal that had NO IMPACT on the sales price.

    “Where’s the beef?!”

    The real issue is whether Grafton Township taxpayers want:
    + an APPRAISER

    or an assessor with less than three years of junior assessment experience.

    There’s only a mere $1.6 billion of equalized assessed value at stake…

  4. No Al Zielinski, “Seeing the Light” has told the whole truth when it comes to how the voters feel about you, and come April 9th, when Terra Jensen beats you, you’ll know it to be true, too.

    If we were repeating falsehoods about you, we wouldn’t be able to repeat them for too long. When we tell the truth about you, it sticks. Your continued denial of the events with your cut & pasting of your vapid arguements of defense only proves we are telling the truth about you, and it’s getting to you. Why else would you take to the blogs to defend yourself. As I said, come April 9th, the voters will elect Terra Jensen as assessor.

    And as for the real issues, here are the ones that are resonating with Grafton Township voters. Voters want an assessor with ties to the local community who has lived in Grafton Township honorably for nearly 10 years in a God honoring and loving marriage, and owns property in the township, too. Voters want an assessor who has real experience in a township assessor’s office doing what the assessor’s office is supposed to do. Ms. Jensen is the only candidate in the Grafton assessor’s race who has what voters really want.

    And one final note, Grafton Township voters are ready to move beyond the disaster of the Linda Moore years at township hall. Given your condescending arrogant attitude you’ve displayed here, playing us voters as chumps when we see a charlatan in our midst, you remind voters very much like Linda Moore, and the voters will not be fooled this time. Another reason they will vote for Jensen over you in the April 9th election.

    Do not be mislead by your February 26th primary victory, as it has been revealed the reason for your margin of victory was the supporters of Terra Jensen participating in the Republican primary to put forth a weak candidate for Jensen to beat.

  5. Concerning Bob Wagner’s support among the Restore Grafton Township slate, the First Electric Newspaper published a photo image last weekend of the Restore slate posting a 4×8 sign at Square Barn and Dundee Road.

    The image included the next assessor, Terra Jensen, holding several yard signs, with the Wagner sign on top.

    That should have been the first clue Wagner had this kind of support.

  6. Zielinski – you won the first round (primary) because of a “vote for the worst” campaign by the “Restore” campaign. Your myriad of excuses explaining your personal actions have not endeared you to Grafton voters. Like Linda Moore, your actions speak louder than your words and voters recognize the commonality. Don’t unpack your suitcase.

  7. Storm, your ignorance (and arrogance) have sunk to new (low) levels.

    Your distasteful comment “…in a God honoring and loving marriage…” is pompous and incorrect.

    Read my opponent’s profile on the Daily Herald.

    She states her relationship is NOT marriage but “significant other.”

    Precinct data from the McHenry County Clerk obliterate the laughable “vote for the worst” suggestion.

    Where do you people get your data?!?!

  8. The forum at which the assessor candidates spoke was where I determined who I would vote for. I was not really very impressed with Mr. Z. Seemed rather arrogant, to say the least!

  9. @Al Zielinski, well, so much for your ridiculous promise to not respond to me, yet you respond to me again! You’ve used that line 3 times now. As for my comment about God honoring and loving marriage, nothing distasteful about what I said. I was only wrong in the context concerning Terra Jensen, which the Daily Herald profile proves you right. Yes, when I’m wrong, I admit it. What voters don’t like about you, Al, is that you have the Linda Moore habit of thinking you are always right. Voters see too much of Linda Moore in you, as you’ll find out on April 9th.

    And since you are pleased with yourself that both assessor candidates are co-habitating in homes with their respective significant others, a search on the McHenry County recorder’s web site reveals Ms. Jensen’s name on the deed of her current residence, making her a property owner along with her significant other at the same address. Your name does not appear on the deed of the residence you call “home” in Grafton Township, which continues one of many strikes against the Zielinski candidacy in that Terra Jensen owns property in Grafton Township, and you do not Al (just like her new ad here on McHenry County Blog says!).

    Despite my admitted mistake, Terra Jensen is still the superior candidate for assessor in Grafton Township, and deserves election on April 9th.

  10. Pam Fender has lived in the Huntley community since the late 1990s, has done many good things as a community volunteer, and has served honorably as a village trustee for 2 terms in Huntley. She has clearly become part of the local community even though she does not own property, and the voters nominated her last month to be the next township supervisor.

    Concerning Al Zielinski, he has lived with his significant other since the fall of 2011 at her Lakewood home, which allowed him to satisfy the minimal residency requirement to be elected township assessor. Prior to fall of ’11, Zielinski lived in Lake County, and owns property there, but not in Grafton Township. People look upon an arrangement like that and can accurately place the “carpetbagger” label on Zielinski.

    As for Terra Jensen, there are records of property deeds in Grafton Township dating back to late 2002 with her name on them, including her current resident with her significant other, and both of their names are on the deed right now. Even though she grew up in nearby Dundee Township, apart from her time at university, looks like nearly all of Ms. Jensen’s adult life has been as a resident of Grafton Township, and on top of that, a property owner. No comparison, Ms. Jensen has much more stronger ties to the Grafton Township community then does Zielinski.

    And throw in Ms. Jensen’s real experience working in a township assessor’s office, she is clearly the most qualified candidate for township assessor and the voters need to help her win.

  11. Residency is the requirement for office, not property ownership.

    There are many reasons why established adults chose to individually own property: estate planning and financial planning are only two.

    So it appears two “advantages” of my opponent have been negated.

    The third has no basis and therefore isn’t an “advantage.”
    n the light of facts, it’s a disadvantage!

    Having “ties” to the community is not as important as being to accurately “assess” the community.

    y 30 years of valuation experience ranges from product pricing to market size determination to mergers & acquisitions and far outweighs less than three years of junior assessment office presence.

    I’ve been helping taxpayers appeal their assessments longer than my opponent has been in office (seven versus less than three).

    I’ve been APPRAISING property in Grafton Township longer than my opponent has been in office (nine versus less than three).

    I’ve been a CERTIFIED APPRAISER longer than my opponent has been a CIAO (nine versus less than three).

    The voters see the obvious, monumental differences in qualifications and experience and will make the proper choice based on what really matters.

  12. How much education do the two candidates for supervisor and assessor have?

  13. How much education is not the critical point. What one does with one’s education, coupled with professionalism and common sense is what is important.

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