Jack Franks Booth at Johnsburg High School Today

Jack Franks courts constituent at the McHenry Business Expo in 2011.

Jack Franks courts constituent at the McHenry Business Expo in 2011.

Got this email from an opponent of same-sex marriage:

“Rep. Jack Franks will be at the Johnsburg Business and Craft Expo at Johnsburg High School tomorrow (Saturday, March 16).

“The Expo will be taking place from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

“Rep. Franks will not be there for the full time, but he will have a booth at the Expo that will be staffed by his district office staff.

“If you’re planning to attend the Expo, please take a moment to stop by the booth and express your opinion on the same-gender marriage bill to Rep. Franks and his staff.

“The more comments they hear from us, the more aware they will be of the district residents’ concerns.

“Please encourage others to stop by too.

“Let’s create a constant drumbeat of concern over this issue for Rep. Franks.”

Johnsburg High School is located at: 2002 W. Ringwood Road, Johnsburg, IL

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If anyone goes, I’d appreciate a photo.


Jack Franks Booth at Johnsburg High School Today — 6 Comments

  1. He already left.

    I talked to him while he was here.

    He told me he will be joining as a sponsor on the NRA supported, concealed csrry bill.

  2. Jack’s the biggest phony…..

    What about Gay Marriage…..

    What’s his stand on that…

  3. I note that Pam Althoff is still sharing the platform with Jack Franks.

    True non-partisan or ignorance of the GOP platform?

    We need to shorten the term for State Senators.

  4. – IL economy in the tank…. (Franks never votes for tax increases)
    – Illinois bankrupt… (Franks never votes for the budget)
    – Lowest credit rating… (Franks heads government consolidation committee to cut government spending)

    Yet, Cal Skinner and the McGOP are worried about what? “Let’s make sure the gays don’t get to be happy! Yeah, let’s tell Jack that!” “Let’s protect an institution that has a fail rate of 60%, Jack will surely want to offer more regulations concerning this important issue!” OR, “Let’s go protest outside Jack’s office for the FIRST TIME since the last gay marriage bill, we’ll show him how serious Illinois constituents are about the real issues!”

    Why can’t you people just be happy and stay out of my private life, like I thought the GOP used to favor?

    If the institution of marriage were a government agency and had a 60% fail rate, Paul Ryan would be on the Sunday shows calling for the abolition of marriage more than repeal of The Affordable Care Act.

  5. While I agree with you Lawrence, I think you are talking to a wall.

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