Jamican Phone Scam Hits Marengo

Kristin Ottolino of the Citizens Alert Social Media Network shares the following warning from the Marengo Police:

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

The Marengo Chief of Police sent me this email this morning regarding a phone scam that recently targeted an elderly Marengo citizen. The email is, as always, attached just below.

Please do not fall prey to this type of scam. Remember …if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Stay safe, stay vigilant,
Kristin Ottolino

Marengo Police BadgeThe Marengo Police Department recently took a report for an attempted fraudulent practice scam targeting an elderly Marengo resident.

This scam started with an unknown male subject calling the senior stating they had won several thousand dollars.

However, the resident first needed to obtain a “Green Dot” financial product for $250 as part of the transaction fee to obtain the winnings.

The subject stated they would be sending someone over, including the local police, to pick up the Green Dot product and drop off the prize money.

The Marengo Police Department was notified of the potential scam and investigated the incident.

The phone number originated from a Jamaican based company offering internet and VOIP services.

When police spoke with the caller, the individual stated they were with the Better Business Bureau.

Further discussion indicated the male caller had a foreign accent and was not familiar with the local geography even after stating he was located in Marengo.

This incident was an obvious scam targeting the elderly population.

Residents should be aware of these types of scams and should immediately contact their local law enforcement agency for follow up


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  1. That’s the same scam I read at http://www.callercenter.com. The following:


    are only few of the phone numbers reportedly used by the scammers.

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