Huntley School District Candidates Forum at Sun City Tonight — 3 Comments

  1. The Forum will be at 6:30 p.m. in the Drendel Ballroom and is open to residents of District 158 School System.

  2. There was publicity about the Forum.

    Residents now know through experience that these Forums are open to the public and not closed to residents outside of Sun City.

    Having said all of that, where were the families of the children who attend D158 schools?

    I saw one younger person who was probably a family member of a candidate, a few seniors from Sun City, and the remainder of the audience was comprised of candidates for Grafton and the Village of Huntley.

    What a shame!

    Questions put forth to the candidates were spot on for what is going on in education today and for the anticipated needs of growing pains to serve the children and continue to maintain high standards of education.

    The Civics Committee put in a lot of effort and personal time to create this Forum.

    It didn’t matter if the four candidates ran unopposed.

    This would have been time to ask them questions about D158’s vision and educational practices.

    I just don’t get the apathy!

  3. And the Civics Committee should be highly commended for it contribution to the democratic process.

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