Maggie Haney Replies to Northwest Herald Article

Maggie Haney

Maggie Haney

From Johnsburg Village President candidate Maggie Haney:


A propaganda piece by 2 attorneys entitled, “Grand Jury: Deed Legitimate,” printed in the Northwest Herald on St. Paddy`s Day was a “St. Paddy’s Day Grand Illusion” no different than the “Pot of Gold” at the end of the rainbow.

Grand Juries are defined by statutes not illusions created by attorneys.

The St, Paddy’s Day Illusion appears to present a pot of gold for the Village of Johnsburg, that all is Well in the Land of Grand Jury’s Malarkey.

Attorneys do not begin or conclude Grand Juríes.

Here is a gold nugget to consider…why did the Village of Johnsburg appoint another attorney with Criminal experience in “White Collar Crime” and RICO?

With this type of “malarkey”  printed in the Northwest Herald, I will not be surprised if they also endorse the “Incumbent” President of Johnsburg, who pulled a NO SHOW for the Endorsement Meeting.

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Haney is running against incumbent Ed Hettermann.


Maggie Haney Replies to Northwest Herald Article — 11 Comments

  1. As referenced in earlier posts, the Grand Jury investigation was initiated as an indirect result of the village’s dispute with the Haney’s over an “unimproved portion of Maple Avenue”.

    It’s a shame that the Herald issued such a grossly misleading headline, having to have known full well that it is so.

    What seems to be lost in all the coverage is the fact that the lot in question was the Haney’s driveway when they bought their house.

    They have been the sole, and I do mean ONLY, caretaker of that lot for over 30 years.

    The Haney’s acted under their attorney’s advice in an attempt to clarify title.

    The village has been downright hostile and vindictive in response to that attempt.

    Something is rotten in Johnsburg, and it is not the Haney’s efforts to have their driveway legally declared as theirs.

    The State Police are not known for rash action, and have been investigating the village’s actions for months now.

    You can be sure that they did not request to have a Grand Jury convened if they did not feel justified in doing so.

  2. Where were the comments in the Northwest Herald St. Paddy’s Day piece from President Hettermann?

    Who is running the Village of Johnsburg?

    Attorney Smoron?

    Attorney Sassan?

    Or Mr. Hettermann?

  3. Perhaps Mr. Skinner would be willing to officiate the debate and draft questions in advance for each candidates consideration.

    Looking forward to a spirited debate.

  4. Maggie Haney is asking for a Debate, she just asked Hettermann to join her to debate the issues! Debates are great opportunities for the residents to see both candidates before they decide!

  5. This is so weird.

    Ed Hettermann is an great man and a wonderful mayor.

    Anyone who thinks otherwise has some political agenda.

    “Grand Jury”?

    Our legal system is an absolute joke.

    The police investigate their enemies and forgive their friends.

    The idea that the “State Police” are investigating only implies that Hettermann isn’t a friend of unions nor bloated pensions.

    That is the reason police go after anyone these days.

    Honestly, I don’t know Ms Haney.

    If she doesn’t like Mr. Hettermann, I question her motives.

    Hettermann needs to be mayor like he needs a hole in his head. He is a great man, and if Johnsburg doesn’t re-elect him, Johnsburg deserves what they get.

  6. Skeptic…….Please note that Mr. Hettermann is the Village President and not the Mayor.

    You may not like our legal system but, it is the only one we have and some how continues to function.

    Like the passing of Mr. Dominguez, the Village will survive under new leadership if Mr. Hettermann fails to be re-elected.

  7. Hey Skeptic, I bet if you questioned Hettermann’s motives/political agenda as much as you question Mrs. Haneys, you will see that he is not a great man.

    Great men don’t slander people using taxpayer money.

    Great men don’t hide from the people who elect them.

    Great men don’t hide from the Police and cover up corruption.

    Trying to blame the State Police for investigating the corruption is also a joke…you are simply trying to deflect blame from Hettermann’s actions, and put it onto the Police.

    Everyone sees through your agenda, while you try to blame/judge Mrs. Haney.

  8. Give me a break, “Free”.

    You are obviously emotionally attached to Ms. Haney and probably a family member.

    It’s fine to support her, but stop with the self-righteous conspiracy theories.

    You gotta love “Uncle Sam’s” defense of our legal system: “You may not like it, but it’s the only one we have and somehow it continues to function.”

    Basically, we all know it’s a piece of garbage, but we fund it’s dysfunction and it continues to exist. Wow, that’s quite an endorsement.

    “Uncle Sam” must be a lawyer.

  9. Skeptic your comments are all over the place…Deflect blame.

    Change subject.


    Enjoy your day.

  10. Mrs. Haney has wasted tons of taxpayer money in the Village of Johnsburg by calling the police as people “Tresspass” on land they don’t even own and filing stupid lawsuits.

    This is what it is really about.

    The village owns a piece of property and the Haney’s put a lein on it but never did any research as to who owned it.

    They are angry, bitter people that waste money by filing lawsuits that are worthless.

    Read what the Judge say’s in the appellate court brief on the Village of Johnsburg website you can tell he is tired of the “drabble”in fact he called her filings “an abuse”.

  11. judge cadwell called mrs. haney’s antics”abusive and drive”

    the haney’s construction company used village property for years at no expense to them.

    if you look on google maps the property that is no longer in dispute(haney’s lost) is a obvious extension of the maple ave. easmement.

    if google maps are correct the haney’s have also claimed the bolling ave. easment that runs along the back of their property and placed a structure on village property.

    its my opinion that the haney’s have a bitter chip on their shoulder,are nothing but muck rucking in retaliation of a failed abusive lawsuit,trying to make everyone uncomfortable so no further actions are

    when i asked mrs. haney why she cost taxpayers $40,000 in litigation she refused to answer,then someone cut my link to the discussion.

    she appears to me as no leader but a disruptive sorry excuse for a canidate!

    the people of johnsburg exspect and deserve more.

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