Independent Grafton Assessor Candidate’s Signs Disappearing

Marc Munaretto's sign can be seen flapping in the wind after its two plastic straps broke.

Marc Munaretto’s sign can be seen flapping in the wind after its two plastic straps broke.

Sign stealing is a park of the dark side of local politics.

Though despicable, it happens every election.

I’m hoping that it was just the very strong winds that were at fault for the loss of the signs referred to below.

I know that two plastic straps holding a sign to posts in my front yard broke (on separate sides at different times), as did both straps holding a Lake in the Hills Algonquin Road four-by-four foot Marc Munaretto sign to a pole holding up one for the slate of four Algonquin Township Trustees .

Terra Jensen's sign can be seen here.

Terra Jensen’s sign can be seen here.  Seen, left to right, are Restore Grafton Township candidates Terra Jensen, Jim Kearns, Tim Hoeft, Joe Holtorf, Dan Zinner, Jr., and Tammy Lueth.

Here’s the email I just received from Terra Jensen that prompted this article.

“I just wanted to give you a heads up… My 4×4 signs are being stolen throughout town.

“The ones that I am aware of at this moment were located on the corner of Kreutzer and Huntley Black Top, one located on private property on Square Barn Road, and one on the corner of Kruetzer and Route 47 – there, Tim, Jim and I had 4×4’s in a row… Mine was in the middle.

“Mine was cut out and taken and Jim and Tim’s were left dangling on the one side.

“In addition – our 4×8 Restore sign located on private property on Huntley Blacktop where Ruth dead ends was taken…”

A more systematic look at the signs revealed the following:

  • 4×4 located on the corner of Kreutzer and Huntley (Dundee) – Gone
  • 4×4 located on Square Barn in a residential property – Gone
  • 4×4 located on 47, North side of town – Gone
  • 4×4 located on the corner of Kreutzer and Route 47 – This was the location where Jim, Tim and I had (3) 4×4 attached in a row. Mine sign was located in the middle. It snipped and gone, blown away and Tim found it located back in the field along the creek line
  • 4×4 located on Huntley Rd and Ackman – Detached from posts and found in ditch

Sign Locations that are ok:

  • 4×4 Haligus and Lakewood
  • 4×4 Haligus and Foster
  • 4×4 Haligus and Ackman
  • 4×4 Square Barn and Route 62
  • 4×4 Hemmer by High School

Tim Hoeft’s 4×4 sign located at Haligus and Foster is Gone

The large 4×8 RESTORE sign that was located on Dundee Rd (Huntley Black Top) where Ruth ends is Gone

It appears no one wants possession of the signs and is more or less going around town, snipping the zip ties to let the signs blow away…


Independent Grafton Assessor Candidate’s Signs Disappearing — 10 Comments

  1. Interesting that the missing signs seem to be concentrated around locations where Sun City residents would see them… I’m guessing that Sun City would be the biggest community of backers for Ms. Jensen.

  2. Interesting comment from Terra Jensen on First Electric Newspaper’s coverage of this issue:

    Al, evidently you thought otherwise of my abilities to oversee $1.6 billion in EAV, when you contacted me directly on February 29th at 10:52 am at the Elgin Township office. The proposition or ‘business deal’ as you put it, requesting I resign my candidacy, be mentored by you, and become your Chief Deputy Assessor upon you taking office contradicts your above statement in my capabilities. According to you, you have no plans to make this your career and would step down after 3 terms, at which time you would support my campaign to become the Grafton Township Assessor.

    I have a real problem with the ‘business deal’ that was presented to me, which is why I declined the ‘under the table deal’. It should be the voters who decide who they’d like to represent them as assessor for the next 4 years, not a shady negotiation you feel to be a good business deal. Moreover, my discomfort lays in the fact that you’re ‘hiring’ a chief deputy assessor when there’s capable deputy’s already in the office, not to mention spending tax payers’ money before taking office. Also, if you’re willing to make these kind of under the table deals as a candidate, what kind of deals will you make with property owners once in office? My goal is to establish fair and equitable assessments and be an advocate to the property owners, none of which you seem to be ethically concerned about.

    Throughout my campaign, I have taken the high road when it comes to commenting on social media blogs. As you may have noticed, I have posted once — I feel my energy is more useful being spent campaigning directly with the residents of the township, in person, via email or through forums. With that being said, I will not disregard direct attacks from my opponent regarding my character and campaign efforts. I strongly disagree with the ‘piggy-backing’ of your campaign, considering my objectives are due to actual assessment experience and will have an immediate impact on township assessments. As I told you on February 29th, I made a commitment to myself, my campaign and the property owners within the township and will be ethically pursuing my campaign. I have received endorsements from reputable people in the same field of expertise and am committed to fulfilling their expectations. Not to mention, I have a vested interest in the well-being of our township as an actual property owner.

    Terra Jensen
    Independent Candidate for Assessor in Grafton Township

  3. He can’t compete with her, so he tried to buy her off with a “Business Deal?”

    Or maybe its that he finally realized after the debate that he has no clue how to do the job?

    Appraise every home multiple times per year, zero appeals, township meetings…you mean I am supposed to go to those?

  4. Never attribute to malice what can be explained by cheap zip ties.

    Should have bought American.

  5. Those locations where signs are missing are not that close to Sun City.

    They are on major routes within Huntley.

    I know that the wind has destroyed some signage but it becomes very suspicious when there is evidence of “cutting”.

    How childish of someone to do this!

  6. The only thing restore is doing , outside of free advertising is keeping their sign maker profitable.

    Tom Poznanski for road commissioner.

    Too bad we can’t stick with Bill Ottley for assessor.

    As far as sign thievery, what about Linda ‘Moores signs that were stolen.

    Was it one of her opponents people doing it?

    Just asking.

  7. Isn’t using “Al Zielinksi” and “character” in the same sentence a contradiction in terms….?

  8. So, Al Zielinski attempted to buy his way into office as Grafton Township assessor by promising to make Terra Jensen his chief deputy assessor if she withdrew his candidacy!?

    And this was within a week after the primary he proposed his ‘business deal’!?

    Zielinski, after you call Ms. Jensen a whiner, she sure boxed your ears with her response with the whole truth about you!

    May your April 9th loss be as convincing and complete as it deserves to be.

    Two and a half weeks to go for Jensen victory!

  9. Gee, didn’t anybody read the Northwest Herald article under Debbie Herrmann’s picture?

    She says people don’t steal signs.

    Since it was da mayor speaking, it has to be true.

    Doesn’t it?

    Yeah, I know – Island Lake, but still …

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