Maggie Haney Calls for Debate with Village President Ed Hettermann

A press release from Johnsburg Village President candidate Maggie Haney:


Ed Hettermann

Ed Hettermann

Maggie Haney

Maggie Haney

Maggie Haney, Candidate for President of Johnsburg, is calling for a debate between both candidates in the April 9, 2013 election. Haney has requested that her opponent participate in a debate allowing the residents of Johnsburg to ask questions, hear platforms, and get informed prior to the April 9, 2013 election.

Both Candidates for President of Johnsburg were scheduled to appear before the Northwest Herald Editorial Board on February 28, 2013.

Haney was disappointed that her opponent canceled since elections are a great opportunity for Citizens to express their concerns, present their issues and ideas and then decide which Candidate will represent their views prior to the election.

Maggie looks forward to a spirited debate with her opponent, since their first opportunity at the Northwest Herald was unsuccessful.

She is confident that her opponent will want to join her in addressing the voters and answer their questions in a public forum.

Haney hopes that her opponent will agree to a debate so that the Citizens in Johnsburg will have an opportunity to see both candidates face the issues allowing them to make an informed decision prior to the election on April 9, 2013.

Maggie has sent her request to the President of Johnsburg today, asking for a response by Friday March 22, 2013.


Maggie Haney Calls for Debate with Village President Ed Hettermann — 4 Comments

  1. A reasonable request from Mrs. Haney.

    Let’s hear what both candidates have to say.

    Only then will the voters have a clear understanding as to where each stands on the issues.

    A fair and balanced approach.

    Watch this 2 minute statement made by Haney before the Northwest Herald Editorial Board.

    This powerful statement made by Haney to end corruption in the Village of Johnsburg is taking place while her opponent’s administration is dealing with Grand Jury Supoena(s) and a Criminal Investigation.

    Really now Mr. H do you think the voters in Johnsburg are going to believe that you do not want to debate Haney because of the litigation?

    Or is it because of the Criminal Investigation?

  3. judge cadwell has called mrs. haney’s antics”abusive and drive”

    the determination statement reads no further actions are warranted.

    she lost her court case and still calls village officials thieves.

    the police by law have to look into all allegations even by disgruntled losers.

    if you look on google maps you will see the property thst is no longer in question is an obivious extension of maple ave and is the villages easment.

    it perplexes me that the owner of a construction company can’t read a plot of survey map and uses village property to store her equipment.

    if google maps are correct it also shows the bolling rd. easment runs parallel to the back of het property,wich also has a structure placed on village property and encroaches her nieghbors.

    when i asked mrs. haney why she had cost taxpayers $40,000 in litigation she refused to answer and some one cut my link to the conversation.

    its my opion that mrs. haney is a muckraker with a chip on her shoulders trying to bully the village from further actions.

    the village of johnsburg deserves better!

  4. I watched this video from Mrs. Haney and find it humorous that she claims would make sure that our tax dollars are being spent properly in the Village.

    Well, of course they would, we would save 100 hrs of man power by her discountinuing her request for FOIA every other day alone!

    This is crazy!

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