Message of the Day – Hands

My Grandmother Addie Watling-Skinner had a glass replication of Durer’s praying hands on her coffee table. My cousin has them now.

Nothing expensive, but they probably had more significance than I realized as a youth.

Today is a day that some Christian church’s hold prayer vigils. My First United Methodist Church has done this for several years and is doing again this year tonight through Easter.  (If you have prayers for the vigil, drop them off at the church–corner of West Crystal Lake and Dole Avenues–anytime before or during the vigil.)

That brings me to the Message of the Day–my grandmother’s praying hands, but rendered in chocolate, rather than in glass.

Albrecht Durer's Praying Hands rendered in chocolate.

Albrecht Durer’s Praying Hands rendered in chocolate.

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