Huntley Area Tea Party Hears Harper College Student

Here’s a recap of the event:

Miguel Melgar speaks to the Huntley Area Tea Party.

Miguel Melgar speaks to the Huntley Area Tea Party.

The Huntley Area Tea Party (HATP) March meeting opened with our Pledge of Allegiance, and was followed by recognizing several candidates present who are listed on ballots for local office in the April 9 election and would be available for interview following the meeting.

A new HATP Academic Award program to assist local students was introduced.

A $500 award will be given to both Elgin Community College and McHenry Community College in the name of their respective student who submits the winning 1000 word essay on their choice of one of the Ten Amendments in the U.S. Constitution Bill of Rights. A donation offering immediately followed. The awards will be presented at the May 15th meeting.

Miguel Melgar

Miguel Melgar

The feature presentation was by Miguel Melgar, local representative of Turning Point USA (TPUSA), an organization of young people dedicated to educating students (of all ages) about fiscal responsibility, free markets, and capitalism. Like Huntley Area Tea Party, Turning Point USA does not stand on political party, rather on principle. More:

Miguel Melgar, a nineteen year old freshman at Harper Community College, spoke with clarity and sincerity of how today’s fiscal policies of deficit spending and growing national debt amount to “generational theft” leaving behind a debt that must be paid by tomorrow’s generations. He referenced current and past sources of factual data that show our path of unsustainable and out of control policies and programs can only lead to continual decline.

Melgar focused on education and how our public schools at all levels are programmed to train students to think, but in a structured process that literally fails to inform, educate and prepare our youth for a future of opportunity and prosperity as individuals.

He cited another TPUSA principle:

“The greatest solution to combating generational theft is an educated electorate that understands the issues, civics, and basic governmental policy. Old political talking points of the past will then no longer be viable; candidates will be forced to stand behind their principles, and pressured to execute beneficial public policy.”

When asked “what can we silver-haired folks do?”, Melgar was clear: share his message with our own families, and get in touch with our elected representatives throughout government; especially local officials in school districts, and other governing and taxing bodies to let them know what we expect. Participate in local politics, seek out and support those who have the courage to act in the best interests of our people of all generations.


Huntley Area Tea Party Hears Harper College Student — 4 Comments

  1. A lot of white hair in that room, sadly.

    The generational divide in that room speaks volumes.

    Most young people don’t give a rat’s ass about having to pay interest on Obama’s $20 trillion debt.

    They will get a rude awakening, hopefully sooner than later.

  2. Igor, Igor, Igor how many times do we have to go over this?

    It wasn’t Obama who got us into 2 wars and on top of it cut taxes.

    How do you think the deficit grew so quickly?

  3. Those old cotton heads are leaving us holding the debt.

    It was all their ignorant choices blindly letting the Republican Party degrade to the state that its in now. Thanks a lot!

    PS nothing in those email forwards has any facts. Stop forwarding your ignorance onto others!

  4. We need to encourage the young adults that actually ARE paying attention.

    Sadly, high school curriculum is still so focused on “teaching to the test” and pressuring kids to take AP classes, the students miss out on “real-world” classes that actually prepare them for life.

    Please take a look at the classes offered at the high school that benefits from your taxes and check out the graduation requirements.

    Senior HS students get late arrival and early release… really?

    How does that prepare them?

    That is when they should be taking compelling electives that help them focus on the future and practicing critical thinking skills!

    I commend students like this speaker from Harper that figure it out despite all the obstacles in our public education system.

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