Ken Tentler Explains His Lake in the Hills Village Trustee Candidacy

Ken Tentler

Ken Tentler

Last Thursday night after the McHenry mayoral campaign forum, I met Ken Tentler.  He introduced himself and told me he was running for Village Trustee in Lake in the Hills.
To say I was surprised that a LITH candidate would be in McHenry is an understatement.
As I do to all candidates, I offered to publish any press releases, statements or campaign literature he might have.
The next day he sent the following, but without a photo.   Now I have the picture, so you can read what he has to say and see what Tentler looks like.
I am a candidate for Trustee in Lake In The Hills.  This is my press release to you.
These are the attitudes I carry with my in my public career-
  • This is a world in need of repair.
  • Flat land open developing is beneath us as 21’st century beings.
  • It is likely that other institutions that guide us as individuals and people are as bulky, selfish and undeveloped.
  • We live in ways that are very difficult to factor all of the variables when they are needed.
  • There are many things I think we all want to see more of-a healthy happy people, high end challenging-multi-development with underneath parking, challenging political debates with 3-4 candidates for mayor or village president etc..
I am a strong young mind and I am interested in ideas, quality thinking, problem solving, critical and independent thinking and vibrancy/urgency.  This things together are a powerful headlight to a world viewpoint.
My is an attempt at some valuable political talk and summary. The website will continue in a different form once elected (the current content will continue to be added too and refined) to share insight-my political travels and battles, help others and help me find the things I am looking for.
While I do not consider myself or my views malleable, I very much can learn on a daily basis and even last night [the night of the McHenry candidates’ forum] picked up on about 10 ideas the helped.

The ballot in Lake in the Hills looks like this:

LITH Ballot Pres + clerk 2013LITH Ballot Trustees 2013


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  1. I have known schizophrenics who ramble more coherently than Kenneth does in the “About Ken” section of his webpage. Yikes.

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