Grafton Township Supervisor Candidate Jim Kearns’ Campaign Literature

Continuing in my effort to bring readers campaign literature, here is the palm card for Grafton Township’s Independent candidate for Supervisor, Jim Kearns:

The front of the campaign literature for Jim Kearns.

The front of the campaign literature for Jim Kearns.

The back of Jim Keanrs' campaign piece emphasizes

The back of Jim Keanrs’ campaign piece emphasizes

In case you want to search the text, here it is:

  • Strong Leadership to unite all branches of Grafton Township government including Board of Trustees
  • Integrity & Honesty
  • Resolve childish disputes, avoid unnecessary legal fees, practice fiscal responsibility Jim Kearns is a Life Long resident of
  • Honesty, Integrity, Morality

Huntley with a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business from Illinois State. He and Dacia got married 26 years ago, moved to a country home, and raised three children, Erika, Jennifer, and Ryan.

Having owned and operated two successful businesses, Jim has a financially responsible approach to spending and budget-wise practices.

He understands the importance of maintaining appropriate audits and fiscal business plans for full financial disclosure.

Jim knows the importance of working with others in a respectful manner.

He will rebuild relationships and encourage cooperation, thus ending senseless spending on lawyers.

Rest assured, Jim Kearns will work hard for the citizens of Grafton Township and support the programs which are most important to you.

Programs such as the Original Grafton Food Pantry at 11481 Allison Ct. Huntley, and the Senior and Disabled Residents Bus Transportation program, and Bingo.

He will give consideration to new ideas presented as well.

Jim Kearns is the person who will lead without arrogance, with civility and honesty, as we work together to restore integrity and financial stability to Grafton Township once again.


Grafton Township Supervisor Candidate Jim Kearns’ Campaign Literature — 3 Comments

  1. Peculiarity #1: Linda Moore made similar “promises” four years ago – “civility, honesty, transparency, integrity, etc.”

    Peculiarity #2: Kearns & Company were the ones who steadfastly backed Moore and her shenanigans for almost all four years, only to supposedly withdraw that support in the last few months.

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