Nunda Recounts Show No Change

Voting booths.

Voting booths.

Three votes behind was where Rob Parrish found himself after all the absentee and early ballots were counted.

And, after a Discovery Recount he requested and paid for, the results were the same.

He was still behind “Iron Mike” Lesperance by three votes.

No changes were discovered in the count for Nunda Township Supervisor either.

Lee Jennings won 945-934, a eleven vote margin over Bridgett Provenzano.


Nunda Recounts Show No Change — 3 Comments

  1. What about the “NONE” Endorsements by the Northwest Herald?

    Like Johnsburg!

    The Incumbent Not Endorsed by the Northwest Herald.

    By the way, what is going on in the Northwest Herald and the McHenry County Blog two weeks before the election and nothing about Johnsburg Election…..Hmmm

    All quiet on the western front?

    No, but an eerie silence, maybe the Grand Jury and the criminal investigation have a lot of news media silent.

    Thank goodness the silent majority votes!

  2. 3 votes (Two households)…

    Voter turnout for the primary in Nunda was a SAD case.

    I understand the snow didn’t make voting easy on Feb 26th, but early voting was available, as was the capability of the absentee vote.

    In my lifetime I hope I live to see our township elections have a substantial turnout for a primary.

    Less than 10% of Nunda taxpayers made the effort to determine who controls their precious tax dollars and how they are spent.

    For such a small margin, I would of ordered a recount as well.

    I’m hoping Cal will publish the turnout for the primary in Nunda, such as he did for Grafton.

    I guess we have four more years to get it right.

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