Maggie Haney’s Johnsburg Campaign

Johnsburg Village President Maggie Haney has shared the images of her campaign to unseat incumbent Ed Hettermann.

The race is an interesting one because the McHenry County State’s Attorney has had the Grand Jury issue subpoenas for village documents and the Northwest Herald has refused to endorse either candidate.

Hettermann did not attend the paper’s endorsement interview, while Haney did.

(Does your favorite candidate have literature or signs he or she would like to share? The email address is on the left. I’ll do my best to get them up.)

Here’s Haney’s palm card:

Maggie Haney's literature

Maggie Haney’s literature presents her as “A new voice.”  She promises “open, honest, transparent and accountable village government.”

More of Maggie Haney's platform appears on the back of the palm card.

More of Maggie Haney’s platform appears on the back of the palm card.  She wants “a full-blown independent forensic audit,” to make public records “easily accessible,” and “competitive bidding” for all  projects and services.

Haney also sent the artwork for her signs.

This is Maggie Haney's small sign.

This is Maggie Haney’s small sign.

This is Maggie Haney's large sign.

This is Maggie Haney’s large sign.


Maggie Haney’s Johnsburg Campaign — 4 Comments

  1. Interesting that Hettermann and friends held an open forum at the Johnsburg Community Men’s Club for “their” residents but, forgot to invite the opposition.

    A strange twist on transparency in deed.

  2. Open Forum, Men’s Club, Insider-Groups, Hmmm sounds like the definition of the Good Ol Boys!

    No Debate!

    No Show-Editorial Board/Northwest Herald!

    No Vote!

    The only thing that Mr. H seems to feel comfortable with is his Good Ol Boys!

    Oh, I forgothe also feels very secure around his puppeteers SMORON, PETERS, and HUTCHINSON!

  3. It’s interesting – anyone who has a friend in the Johnsburg Men’s Club can be invited as a guest – man or women!

    Maybe Mrs. Haney and Mr. Zanko do not have any friends that are members!

    That is sort of sad because I believe the Men’s Club has over 200 members.

    I would like to think at least one member would agree with Zanko and Haney?

    I guess we will find out next Tuesday!

  4. Haneys Actes says: Maybe Haney and Zanko were not in attendance at the Men’s Open Forum.

    It seems you are twisting a fact to make it appear that Zanko and Haney do not have any friends from the Men’s Club that would invite them.

    Please, it is a custom in Campaigns to arrange a debate or a forum so that everyone can particpate and the most important feature of such an event is that ALL residents are encouraged and invited to participate.

    Funny this sounds familiar…oh yea, the endorsement meeting at the NWH, the Candidate Debate, the last regularly scheduled Village board Meeting….NO.

    Instead of being a drone and believing everthing you are told, why don’t you try looking at the truth.

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