Maggie Haney Criticizes Opponent Village President Ed Hettermann for Canceling Board Meeting That Was To Be Taped and Posted on Village Web Site

What follows is a press release from Johnsburg Village President candidate Marggy Haney.  She is running against incumbent Ed Hettermann.  You might find some of the numbered questions of interest.


Maggie Haney

Maggie Haney

As the elected officials and citizens of Johnsburg face numerous questions about a “Criminal Investigation” and Grand Jury Subpoena(s) issued to Hettermann’s Administration, any opportunity to

  • ask questions,
  • seek information or
  • hear progress

was shut as the Elected Officials received an email Tuesday night canceling the meeting.

Every year, according to the Illinois Open Meetings Act, every public body is required to post all the meetings they will be holding.

The purpose of these “Open” meetings is to allow Board deliberation, approval of expenditures (by the elected board of trustees), provide access to every citizen to freely participate, question, and speak during public discussion, and most importantly for the elected officials to act on behalf of their constituents in “Executive Session” to address serious matters if needed.

Numerous residents have expressed concerns after the Village of Johnsburg released information on their own website about the investigation and Grand Jury Subpoena(s).

Any opportunity for taxpayers to question or speak to the elected board of trustees and the President were “Canceled” as Hettermann slammed the door on the last scheduled Village Board Meeting before the election that was to be held tonight at 7:30 pm.

Attempts to hold a debate between the candidates running for President were “nixed” by Hettermann which slammed the door for residents to ask questions, hear both candidates’ platforms allowing them to make informed decisions before the election.

Mr. Hettermann also did not show up for the NWH Editorial Board meeting also skirting any possible questions by the news media.

The serious breach of the Illinois Open Meetings Act has been a reoccurring event, as Hettermann’s Administration has canceled 4 Meetings since October 2012.

How can any expenditure be made in the Village of Johnsburg without the elected officials approving the Disbursements?

Even if there were no other matters on the Agenda, isn’t approving the disbursements for expenditures important?

When is the Village Board of Johnsburg planning on approving the Budget for next year?

The fiscal year is coming to a close and this budget is vital if for no other reason, adopting the Budget should be a priority.

Recent information popped up on the Village of Johnsburg’s website,that all meetings were going to be videotaped and audio taped and then placed on the internet.

That was a great move at the end of Hettermann’s Administration to appear “Transparent,” but what good is the appearance of Transparency when he

  • shuts the door
  • cancels the meeting
  • refuses to officiate over the last Village Board Meeting before the election

Residents of Johnsburg have raised serious questions about the Criminal Investigation and Grand Jury Subpoena(s).

Residents of Johnsburg who were planning on attending the April 4, 2013 meeting are shocked that once again they are being silenced, the issue is not being addressed, and no one is talking about it.

The Elected Officials who are elected to represent the citizens of Johnsburg cannot even request an “Executive Session” to discuss matters surrounding this serious situation with the “Appointed Officials” who are involved in the “Criminal Investigation” because the meeting has been canceled.

As of March 18th elected officials in the Village of Johnsburg have met with the Illinois State Police and this Criminal Investigation is Active and Ongoing.

As a citizen of the Village of Johnsburg I am appalled that this abuse of power is being played at this crucial time in our Village.

This “Code of Silence” is not Transparent, is not being Accountable, and is not GOOD GOVERNMENT!

Maybe the investigative reporters can ask the questions that the elected officials and the Citizens in Johnsburg wanted to ask but were denied by the cancellation of tonight’s meeting:

  1. Why was the Village Board Meeting on April 4th really canceled?
  2. Why wasn’t the Budget for 2013-2014 presented for approval?
  3. How are any expenditures going to be made without the elected Village Boards’ Approval?
  4. According to the article in the Northwest Herald on the 17th of March, information provided by 2 Attorneys on behalf of the Village of Johnsburg stated the Grand Jury and Criminal Investigation was over. If that was true, why did elected officials in the Village of Johnsburg meet with the Illinois State Police on March 18th?
  5. What Administrative Action has been taken to ensure that any appointed official involved in the Criminal Investigation has been removed from office while pending the outcome of the Criminal Investigation?
  6. Has the President of Johnsburg been questioned by the Illinois State Police and or the McHenry County State’s Attorney?
  7. Who did approve the appointment of a second Attorney for the Village of Johnsburg and how are we paying for him?
  8. Was there an Agenda posted for the April 4th Meeting?
  9. Did any elected official request an Executive Session for the April 4th Meeting?
  10. Was the April 4th Village Board Meeting canceled because Hettermann’s Administration knew that questions were going to be asked by elected officials and citizens about the Criminal Investigation and everything would be taped both audio and video and placed on the internet?

The April Fool’s Joke on all the residents was played out during this same week of cancelling the meeting.

On Monday April 1st at the Johnsburg Men’s Club, Hettermann participated in an “Open Forum” closed off to his opponent, Maggie Haney as well as the other Johnsburg Residents.

A very sad time for the Residents of Johnsburg.


Maggie Haney Criticizes Opponent Village President Ed Hettermann for Canceling Board Meeting That Was To Be Taped and Posted on Village Web Site — 17 Comments

  1. This is a nightmare unfolding.

    The Open Meetings Act and the Freedom of Information Act are violated all the time in Johnsburg.

    Residents and elected officials should be up in arms about this slam door.

    It is vital that every citizen votes on Tuesday!

  2. Come on Cal, my sister’s name is Maggie! Thanks for posting the truth!

  3. So if Mr. Hettermann and friends chose to dodge all scrutiny from the residents, trustees and the media by his failure to ensure Village business is conducted in a timely manner, failure to comply with the Open Meetings Act requirements and failure to respond to the media, one can only imagine the disfunctional climate that will be propogated if he is re-elected.

    Johnsburg First?

    That cliché is beginning to ring hollow as well.

    Just another regugitated campaign slogan with no substance.

  4. After Tuesday’s election the village of Johnsburg will get back to being a profitable village, one with an A+ bond rating and fair taxes.

    Mrs. Haney won’t even recognize that our village is in the black!

    Heck the state of Illnois can’t even claim that!

    I love how all of sudden, it’s a crime that a board meeting gets canceled – if that’s the case Ron Zanko should be arrested because 40% of his committee meetings are canceled!

    Look it up!

    Mrs. Haney do you think that if you were to win, we citizens would allow you to then deed property back to yourself?

    Not going to happen, in fact, try it, and you will see FOIA’s till the cows come home!

    Or at least to your acres!!!!!

  5. Caught my mistake in the headline and have now made the other correction.


  6. So now the village insiders have created an Anti-Haney profile to bash her and Mr. Zanko…How appropriate.

    Funny how they are the only ones talking about the property issue, you know the one that the Village filed the appeal on and posted it on their website.

    Embarrassing how ignorant to the facts these bash sessions have become.

    Do they approve all expenditures and budgets at Mr. Zanko’s committee meetings?


    Talk about the investigation, and all the questions that go with it, rather than why the information was found…You won’t, as their is no defense.

    Instead you blame Maggie.

    Blame the property.

    Blame her for cancelling the meeting.


  7. …and your joke would be funnier if you could even spell “Acres” properly as your name.

    Haneys Actes?

    Oh you mean Haney’s Acres…Embarrassing.

  8. Mr. Zanko’s committee is an advisory committee as are all of the others.

    Note that all the committee meet at about the same frequency.

    As his committee is only tasked with ordinance issues, they meet on a as needed basis.

    To square the record, his committee did finish a complete review of all Village ordinances during his first term in office.

    Something worth taking note of and worth mentioning.

  9. Hey Haney Actes (what ever that is supposed to mean) you must be a little confused.

    Isn’t Zanko one of the elected board members who can’t get information as elected officials?

    Word on the street is that they have been directed to Anthony Sassan…

    You know who he is, You know who approved his legal bills, you know who voted on him????

    Neither does Zanko and the other trustees. OOPPS!!!!!

    Hey Mr. Haney Actes why don’t you go to the woodstockadvocate and read the truth about Dixon Jr., I mean Johnsburg.

    Sorry for the slip.

  10. So if Mr. Zanko should be arrested for cancelling 40% of his committee meetings, should Mary Lou Hutchinson be imprisoned for life as her JCAN committee hasn’t met for over two years?

    Just asking.

  11. Speaking of Committees…..What every happened to JCAN?

    How many meetings have been held?

    Where are the minutes and the agendas for those?

    Who is the Chair of JCAN? UMMM….I think it is Hettermann’s partner Hutchinson.

    Be careful what you ask for because it may lead to other questions.

    Perhaps JCAN” minutes and agendas can be found with the April 4th Board Meeting Agenda.

  12. I am guessing on April 9th Mrs. Haney and her sister will tell us that our corrupt county counted the ballots wrong and will need to call the Illinois State Police in to get answers!

    Maybe she can order up some FOIA’S for the county so they can waste hours of man power too!

    Oh, and where were your witty cooments when I asked the question – Why didn’t one member of the Johnsburg Men’s Club invite Mrs. Haney or Mr. Zanko to the Men’s Club meeting last Monday?

    They have 200 members and anyone can be a guest!

    Talk about embarrassing!

    You poke fun of a typo!

    I would be more embarrassed that not one member even considered bringing either candidate into a meeting at the community club which featured all the Johnsburg First Candidates AND all except for one of the folks running for school board here in the great Village Of Johnsburg.

    200 members! Let that soak in!

    One last question.

    Why won’t either Mrs. Haney nor her sister admit that the current administration is running a profitable Village?

    Sorry your vote won’t count from Wauconda Mrs. Haney’s sister

  13. Dear Haney Acres,

    The Johnsburg Men’s Club is for men and from what I have heard the only women allowed into the club are women that get paid.

    I don’t think I need to explain that to you.

    After all, you are the expertise at pointing out what a “Business Meeting” is.

    And if I may, you should let this soak in, “Why is it so hard to get answers to questions at a Village Town Meeting?” Residents of Johnsburg have the right to know and if you and Mr. Hetterman keep dodging the questions without answering, that right there tells me the current administration is running scared and not running a profitable village.

    You must have been a littled confused with your last comment.

  14. Hettermann will win because he is a good man who works hard for the village.

  15. Haneys acres says that the “sisters” are going to tell you how corrupt the county is.


    McHenry County States Attorney has been indicted not once but twice.

    If my memory serves, the Chicago Crime Commission featured a spot light on McHenry County.

    Right, it is just a few people who think that there may be a little, just a little corruption in McHenry County.

    If you want to know what I think as a taxpayer in the State of Illinois, trust me I am not shy about my views, go to this blog and read what I really think.

  16. 2 potential school board candidates at that meeting were women invited as guests – Zanko and Haney? Anyone? Bueller? Nope!

    So now 200 members are corrupt? Oh wait, everyone in McHenry County is…..

    Correct me if I’m wrong? Charlene you don’t have a vote in Johnsburg? Stay in Lake County where it’s all perfect. I see housing is doing great in Round Lake maybe you could run for re-election?

    Take Mrs. Haney plenty off cheap propery to store lumber and junk.

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