337 Board Tax Hike Referendum for Developmentally Disabled Losing 2-1

The anti-tax wave that the Tea Party movement capitalized on has not run its course in McHenry County.

With 64 of 212 precincts reporting, it is obvious that the referendum to add $9 million to the property tax bill in McHenry County has failed.

The margin is wide enough to predict the referendum will fail.

The margin is wide enough to predict the referendum will fail.

The proposal would have increased real estate taxes by $30 per $100,000 of actual value.

The extra money would have gone to aid agencies that provide services to the Developmentally Disabled.


337 Board Tax Hike Referendum for Developmentally Disabled Losing 2-1 — 4 Comments

  1. Thank God!

    If this went thru there’d be a lot more people on financial aid which the state/county cannot afford!

    I guess we don’t have to worry about those unintended consequences.

    I’m all for govt. staying out of charitable institutions as 90%+ rarely goes to the people needing the help.

    It goes toward administrative costs.

    Thank you, McHenry County Voters!

  2. As precinct Captain the majority of persons I spoke to as well as family and friends saw this as another tax that they would not be able to afford.

    I voted NO as well.

  3. The last thing Illinois needs is another unit of government.

    The problem with overly generous salaries, benefits, pensions, and construction projects at all levels of government is some of the people who really need the money are not getting it, such as some of the more severely developmentally disabled who when they turn 22 are no longer eligible to receive certain government assistance.

    There is the need to reallocate some government money to some of those folks.

    What do you do with a 22 year old all day who can’t take care of themselves while the parent works.

    There’s not always family or friends available to watch the now adult, and imagine the financial and emotional toll of providing lifetime care for the person.

    Of course the discussion quickly turns to eligibility requirements, how much assistance, and how to provide it, but I believe the majority of people would rather a bit of money go to somehow helping such a 22 year old and scale back the $75,000 and $100,000 pensions.

    But what is happening in the Illinois legislature?

    Rather than working on that problem, the unions are trying to pass a further guarantee of those pensions in the constitution.

    There’s a big union lobby day coming up in May in Springfield.

    You’ll be hearing about it.

    “We were promised those pensions.”

    You never hear from the unions, “Our pensions were increased dramatically thanks to state Senators, Reps, and Governors passing and signing pension hiking legislation in exchange for our campaign contributions and votes.”

  4. I have volenteered at the family mental health community for McHenry County for several years.

    I was one of ONLY 3 resident voters to attend the McHenry County Board meeting and stand up and say NO to this tax referendum.

    Currently the McHenry County Mental Health Board has not been held accoutable for the money they already get from the tax payer.

    In addition this group had not presented an actual business plan on how they would spend this money.

    Currently many parents of DD people in our community find themsleves gainfully employeed by the service agencies collecting tax payer money for services for their children.

    I think everyone wants to lend a helping hand but to “expect” the tax payer to also provide employment to the parents of DD is in my opion going too far.

    There is NO oversight for the services currently being provided by organizations like “Pioneer Services” who provide in my opinion less than acceptable services for the money they receive from the tax payer.

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