Jack Franks Wants to Move on Up…Again

Demonstrators opposed to gay marriage at Rep. Jack Franks' Woodstock office.

Demonstrators at Rep. Jack Franks’ Woodstock office.

Being State Representative must not be rewarding enough for Marengo Democrat Jack Franks.

Four years ago at the end of June he convinced family and friends to transfer about a half a million to his campaign fund.

That got him mentioned as a candidate for Governor.

But he ran for State Rep. again.

Today, the Chicago Sun-Times has a story entitled,

Jack Franks for Lt. Gov? State rep looking at statewide run — undecided on gay marriage

The two are linked, perhaps because it is unlikely a candidate running in a statewide Democratic primary election could win if he or she opposed same-sex marriage.

Confirming his statewide ambitions, the article starts, “State Rep. Jack Franks (D-Marengo) confirmed Tuesday that he is setting his sights on a run for higher office, possibly for Lieutenant Governor.”

Under new law candidates for Governor select their running mates and they run as a ticket, linked on the ballot.

Franks says he is not interested in running with Governor Pat Quinn.

Much of the maneuvering for statewide office is dependent on whether Attorney General Lisa Madigan runs for re-election or Governor. She outraised Quinn in fund raising this past quarter.

In February, 2011, I made an effort to analyze how competitive Franks’ campaign fund was with other potential statewide candidates.  You can read it here.

While I probably dismissed some Cook County politicians I should not have, among Democratic Party state legislators, Franks had the third highest amount in the bank.

Reporter Natasha Korecki got Franks to talk about his statewide ambitions.

The story did not make the print edition.


Jack Franks Wants to Move on Up…Again — 2 Comments

  1. Seriously… I have asked this over and over again, but what is the Jack Franks constituency that allows him to win statewide?

    And, more importantly for Franks’ expressed interest in being the LG, what constituency does he bring along to a Gov/Lt Gov ticket in a primary?

    Or in a general?

    He simply doesn’t bring anything, and there is no viable Gubernatorial candidate that would want him as an LG on the joint ticket.

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