Democrats Crack McHenry Township Government with Assessor Win

Almost 500 votes separated the incumbent Republican McHenry Township Assessor Carol Peerschke from her Democratic Party challenger Mary Mahady.

McHenry Township was the only township where Democrats fielded a candidate.

Former Board of Review member had a car in the 2012 Fiesta Days Parade.

Mary Mahady's campaign started at least as far back as last year's Fiesta Days Parade.

Mary Mahady’s campaign started at least as far back as last year’s Fiesta Days Parade.

These preliminary results show Democrat

These preliminary results show incumbent Republican Carol Perschke substantially behind Democrat Mary Mahady.

The Democrats also ran a candidate for McHenry Township Trustee. He was not so lucky.


Democrat Scott Wieck was not successful in his attempt to knock a Republican off the McHenry Township Board.


Democrats Crack McHenry Township Government with Assessor Win — 3 Comments

  1. Carol Perschke was competent, efficient, and one of the few politicians dedicated to public service over her own personal interest.

    She is an OUTSTANDING person, and she has been an effective assessor.

    That’s precisely why she lost, I’m afraid.

    The voting public in our state likes to elect phonies – like Dick Durbin and Jack Franks – rather than effective public servants.

    This is why this state is doomed.

  2. Carol Perschke was disresctful, arrogant, unprofessional, and never belonged in public office. It wasnt even close.

    First Democrate I have voted for in 30 years….thats how bad Carol was.

    The next step is taking on others who KNEW how bad she was and enforsed her anyway.

    I would watch out if I were them.

    Its all about supporting the people vs keeping the gang together.

  3. I need to agree- people skill were not Carol’s strong suit.

    You serve the people…

    This had nothing to do with party… the rest of the ballot proved that

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