Another MCC Board Abuse of Power Coming Up

'"Isn't that special?"

‘”Isn’t that special?”

Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith

It is unfortunately too common that, after elected officials lose an election, they want to exert one last gasp of power.

McHenry County College will see three of its Board members replaced in just days.

Dennis Adams decided not to run for re-election.

Carol Larson and Barbara Walters lost their attempts at re-election.

So, three-sevenths of the Board will be new before May, yet the old board members have scheduled a “Special board meeting” on Tuesday, April 16 at 6 P.M.

What so special about it?

The main order of business is to extend the contract of President Vicky Smith.

As nearly as I can determine without having the contract, it appears to be up July 9th.

Tuesday night at 6, the McHenry County College will consider extending President Vicky Smith's contract.

Tuesday night at 6, the McHenry County College will consider extending President Vicky Smith’s contract.  No copy of the proposed contract extension language is posted.

Almost forgot, they are also going to deal with emergency repairs to storm and sanitary sewers.  No copy of the report is available over the internet.

The Trustees do not have individual email addresses that are provided on the college website.

Instead all emails are directed to

Some readers might want to leave a message.


Another MCC Board Abuse of Power Coming Up — 9 Comments

  1. Do not renew the contract of the tax increaser.

    Also sent to mcc trustees

  2. The emergency repairs are probably related to the flooded classrooms.

    They sent out a message on Facebook adding that some rooms had been flooded and would be closed for water damage repair.

  3. Would a majority of the new board be willing to block an extension of her contact?

    My guess is that she isn’t going to have to worry about losing her job anytime soon.

  4. Since there is no pressing reason to make this decision…I hope cooler heads prevail…

    trust I am not saying Ms Smith is in question….

    the question is saddling a new board with a legacy they may not desire…

    where is the emergency…

    if there is one perceived then it dosen’t look good for the outgoing board.

  5. and they should not just do it to effect their final action…that time is behind us

  6. Actually, the agenda published by the College does NOT meet the new Open Meetings Act (OMA) guidelines, not that that will stop the Trustees in their tracks.

    The agenda (above) fails to state that action will be taken on a contract extension.

    It merely provides an inference that the contract extension might be discussed.

    Unfortunately, the OMA rules don’t provide for penalties for failing to disclose fully that action (vote) might occur.

    It would be a HUGE failing on the part of the Trustees to act on a contract extension only days before the new Board is seated.

  7. Many local school boards play the same or similar games.

    Superintendent contract renewed just before new board is seated, or a 3 year contract is renewed annually thus a perpetual 3 year contract.

    A bulk email address for all board members not individual email addresses and phone numbers for each board member.

    Bids rarely submitted and opened during an open public meeting, rather they are mailed in and the favored bidder miraculously wins.

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