Motion for Sanctions Legal Fees & Costs Set at $260,156 for Zane Seipler

Zane Legal Fees and Costs Motion header 4-11-13

Sheriff Keith Nygren’s motion for legal fees to be paid by Deputy Zane Seipler in his wrongful termination suit total $227,905.

There is an addition $32, 252.16 in “costs and expenses” for the contempt of court hearings.

Judge Frederick Kapala ordered Seipler to pay legal fees and costs, but did not dismiss Seipler’s case in his opinion of a month ago.

The court document for legal fees and costs was filed last Thursday by James Sotos associate Elizabeth Baron.

Seipler is represented by attorney Blake Horwitz.


Motion for Sanctions Legal Fees & Costs Set at $260,156 for Zane Seipler — 2 Comments

  1. Case still goes on.

    He loses that too, and there’ll be more fees he’ll need to pay.

    Hope his “sugar daddy”, who has been helping the family since this started with the money to pay for a “fancy lawyer”, has deeper pockets.

  2. I have a feeling that the price Nygren’s lawyer claims will be reduced substantially.

    Even if it isn’t, Seipler won’t lose the case if it goes to trial.

    I understand that all of Seipler’s lawyers work on contingency.

    Seipler had such strong evidence when this started that lawyers were lined up to represent him.

    If this goes to trial many senior administrators’ careers will be destroyed.

    With any luck the DOJ will come in and do an investigation similar to the ones they conducted in Mount Prospect and Des Plaines.

    I may be mistaken but this ruling can be appealed, like any other ruling.

    If memory serves correct, Nygren appeals everything.

    What I don’t understand is why Seipler’s attorney has been so quiet.

    I heard through the grapevine that he really put on a poor performance in court.

    Practically screwed his client with some of the bizarre questioning.

    Perhaps Seipler should get a “sugar daddy” to find a better lawyer.

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