Al Zielinski Offers Thanks for Voters, Ideas for Future

A press release from Grafton Township Assessor Al Zielinski:

Alan Zielinski, humbly and gratefully accepts the voters’ directive to be their new Grafton Township Assessor

VILLAGE OF LAKEWOOD, IL (April 18, 2013) – Alan Zielinski, Grafton Township’s Assessor-Elect, was humbled by the voters’ choice in the recent election and is extremely grateful.

Al Zielinski

Al Zielinski

“My sole purpose in running for office was leveraging my education, experience and empathy to serve the people of Grafton Township. The voters have given me that opportunity to serve,” said Zielinski.

Although he doesn’t take office until January 1, 2014, Zielinski is not planning to stand idly by.

  • “Representative Tryon invited my help bringing a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights to the floor of the Illinois legislature so I’ve contacted other appraisers and assessors to gain their ideas.
  • By the end of May, I’ll have contacted the Grafton Food Pantry to see how best we can utilize the contributions starting next year.
  • Later this year, I’ll be seeking the incumbent’s and staff’s guidance as to how we can have a completely seamless transition.” said Zielinski.

Zielinski continued: “It’s not just about valuation; it’s also about helping Grafton Township heal and move forward.

“I’ve already set aside party labels and contacted the newly-elected Supervisor and Board offering whatever assistance I can to help them navigate the troubled financial waters ahead.

“We share a common goal: putting the past behind us and doing our best to serve all of our residents and taxpayers.”

Assessor-elect Zielinski plans to keep his web site active so residents can keep abreast of the developments that occur between now and the end of the year:

Zielinski concluded by thanking those who helped. “I was blessed with a tireless campaign manager and an extremely insightful and helpful campaign committee. In addition, I was fortunate to gain the backing and friendship of those taxpayers who stood-up and said ‘How can I help?’ Those new friendships were an astonishing and fortuitous benefit of my campaign that I’ll always cherish.”


Al Zielinski Offers Thanks for Voters, Ideas for Future — 9 Comments

  1. Let’s see, Zielinski gets a press release out dated April 18th, and on the same day, he gives his website a makeover, dropping all of the pre-election content.

    But he has still yet to turn in his 1st quarter Campaign Disclosure report?

    What’s the matter, Al?

    What you trying to hide?

    Those reports were due 3 days ago, and had to be in the mail last Saturday if sending by snail mail.

    Get that report filed, soon, Zielinski, before things start to get rough on you (as in, you are the subject of a complaint).

  2. Al,

    I think you are a great choice for the taxpayers.

    Ignore the naysayers, they are never content.

  3. Ignoring me is no big deal.

    Ignoring the law on Campaign Finance Disclosure is another thing entirely.

    If you think he’s a good choice, and clearly the voters thought so last week, you’d encourage Zielinski to get his 1st quarter report filed as soon as possible.

    There is no excuse why he’s this late, especially when he’s been seen in public at meetings, so he clearly has time on his hands.

    You can track it here:

  4. Al,

    If it weren’t for the usual brain dead republicans voting for a “republican” just because the candidate claims to be a “republican”, you would have lost this election. You should be thankful that ignorance runs rampant through this township and had the uneducated voters taken the time to actually look into your candidacy, they would have been appalled at your actions.

    So don’t thank anyone for electing you as I’m positive they have it absolutely no thought whatsoever and they are making us all pay the price.

    So I, along with Oncoming Storm, Sean Smith and countless others will be watching your every move. I wouldn’t doubt we find something to make your “election” ineligible before you take office.

    And don’t think those things you’ve done during your campaign will be forgotten.

    If anything they will become more prevalent in your day to day life.

    I will personally make sure that it come to light and everyone sees it!

  5. Why not let the State Board of Elections do their job?

    Thank you Al for working to find solutions in a positive way.

  6. To “Yeah… Right….”, Sean Smith, The Oncoming Storm and any “countless others” who are unwilling to let go of the past.

    [bool-ee] plural bul·lies, verb, bul·lied, bul·ly·ing, adjective, interjection
    1. a blustering, quarrelsome, overbearing person who habitually badgers and intimidates smaller or weaker people.

    The issue in my case is that you are mislead if you think I’m “smaller” or “weaker” and therefore somehow even marginally moved, much less intimidated, by your threats.

    Idle threats have been cast in my direction since I announced my candidacy; none came to fruition. What did transpire was my election.

    I answer to you only as taxpayers (and that’s only if you live in Grafton Township).

    The people have spoken and I will fulfill my promises to them.

    Rather than stirring the old pot of disdain for your public officials, how about giving all of us the benefit of the doubt and pitching-in to help?

    People are either part of the problem or they’re part of the solution.
    Please help me and the other newly-elected officials rebuild Grafton Township into something of which we can all be proud.

    Because I’m focused on making Grafton a better place for all, I won’t invest more time answering your execrable, baseless comments.

    People can’t look in two directions at once: they’ve either focused on the failings of the past or the opportunities of the future.

    I’m focused on the brighter future and welcome all others who are similarly inclined to join me and the rest of the new administration in attaining it.

  7. So, according to Al Zielinski’s campaign committee, “Taxpayers Behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor” filed its 1st quarter 2013 Campaign Disclosure report electronically at 9:25 AM on Friday, April 19th, a full 3 days, 9 hours and 25 minutes past the electronic filing deadline.

    So, where do I begin. @Taxpayer, yes, now I will let the State Board of Elections do its job, and determine an appropriate fine/penalty for Zielinski’s late filing, if any. If the State Board determines a fine is appropriate, if it’s Zielinski’s committee’s first offense, it will be waived, anyway.

    And now @Al Zielinski, you claim I am “…unwilling to let go of the past.”? Strange, the issue of your overdue Campaign Finance report is all about the present, particularly an event AFTER the elections. Who’s really unwilling to let go of the past? Frankly, Al, it’s you.

    I don’t need to think you are smaller or weaker, when in fact, your own actions make you look weak to begin with, in particular, your late filing. Add your silly, dictionary-quoting posts from Friday afternoon, after you finally got your overdue report filed with the State Board, it is clear I need to spell it out for you.

    Nowhere in your posts from yesterday either here or on Huntley Neighbors, do you even mention your late filing of the required campaign disclosure report, let alone, take responsibility for it! On this specific event, you are pulling a Linda Moore, when confronted with genuine, legitimate questions, by attempting to ignore the issue, let alone answering the question directly. It is *you*, Al, who perpetuates the past through your actions, despite your pious words of “…Rather than stirring the old pot of disdain for your public officials, how about giving all of us the benefit of the doubt and pitching-in to help?”

    Put it another way, you brought this issue, disdain and criticism on yourself by, for whatever reason, missing an important deadline of filing your 1st quarter Campaign report on-time, so it can be reviewed by the public in genuine transparency.

    And, since you want us to pitch-in and help, here is what you should have posted in your comments here, if not on your own website. Read it through, and learn from it:

    “It has been brought to my attention my campaign committee, Taxpayers Behind Alan Zielinski for Assessor, has missed a filing deadline for the Quarterly Report of Campaign Disclosure, which was due on Monday, April 15, as required by law. Though there are reasons for my committee’s missing this important deadline, the bottom line is the deadline was missed, and the responsibility is firmly mine. I truly regret this unintentional oversight.

    “As of Friday, April 19th at 9:25AM, my committee filed its Quarterly Report electronically, and campaign financing activity is now available for public view through the Illinois State Board of Elections website. I firmly believe in transparency of public officials, including in the area of campaign finance. Going forward, I’ve learned from this late filing, and future required campaign disclosures will be filed on time, prior to the filing deadline set by the state.

    “I thank the concerned citizens who brought this oversight to my attention. I continue to prepare for taking office as your next assessor in Grafton Township on January 1st, and welcome any and all input.”

    Hopefully, Al, you will truly see the wisdom of my words, and learn from this event to make yourself a more effective public servant. The humility you rarely show will come across stronger, and will make you stronger. I can count on more than 1 hand the times I’ve heard you say “I won’t invest more time answering…comments”. Keep yourself out of positions like missing filing deadlines, and you’ll find the critical comments of you will simply go away.

    Finally, Al, you have over 8 months before you take office. Take the extended time between now and January 1st to learn from this, and put your words into actions.

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