Four Crystal Lake Stores Sell Alcohol to Teens

A press release from the Crystal Lake Police Department:

Crystal Lake – Alcohol Compliance Enforcement Conducted

On Thursday April 25, 2013 Crystal Lake Police and Illinois State Police conducted an Alcohol Compliance Enforcement (ACE) checks on establishments that are licensed to sell alcoholic beverages within the City limits.

During this A.C.E. detail, eight undercover officers and four underage minors visited twenty-four various liquor establishments, packaged sale stores and restaurant / bars, with a goal of finding them all to be in compliance.

Four of the selected businesses conducted unlawful sales of alcoholic beverages to the minors during the operation. The businesses found in violation were;

  • Teddy’s Liquors 11 E. Northwest Hwy.
  • Fresh Market 6000 Northwest Hwy.
  • Dominick’s Finer Foods 5340 Northwest Hwy.
  • 7- Eleven 19 Berkshire Drive.

The remaining twenty businesses found to be in compliance were:

  • The CVS Pharmacy on Randall Road passed the Crystal Lake Police Department's test.

    The CVS Pharmacy on Randall Road passed the Crystal Lake Police Department’s test.

    Aldi’s 320 S. Virginia

  • Cardinal Liquor 305 Virginia Street
  • Convenient Food Mart 201 E. Virginia
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy 151 W. Northwest Hwy.
  • K-Mart 6000 Northwest Hwy.
  • Walgreen’s Pharmacy 315 N. Route 31
  • CL Food & Liquors 540 E. Terra Cotta Ave.
  • 7-Eleven 60 W. Terra Cotta Ave.
  • Oak Street Food & Liquor 256 N. Oak Street
  • Citgo 7615 S. Route 176,
  • Cost Plus 6000 Northwest Hwy.
  • Jewel/Osco 6140 Northwest Hwy.
  • Shell (Open-Pantry) 4811 Northwest Hwy.
  • Gas Depot/Marathon 4410 Northwest Hwy.
  • CVS Pharmacy 1305 Randall Road
  • General Store 1309 North Ave.
  • Wal-mart 1205 S. Route 31
  • LaRosita 131 N. Main Street
  • London Pub & Grill 394 W. Virginia St.
  • the Williams Street Public House 83 Williams Street

With accidents as the leading cause of death among adolescent Americans, coupled with alcohol as the leading causative factor, the Crystal Lake Police Department strives to develop a partnership with local merchants to help them achieve the goal of zero sales to minors.

These Alcohol Compliance Enforcement checks are done randomly several times throughout the year with the assistance of the Illinois State Police.


Four Crystal Lake Stores Sell Alcohol to Teens — 2 Comments

  1. I think this is sad.

    I remember a day when the police were truly interested in the citizens.

    This is intimidation that is cloaked under the guise of “interest in the children.”

    All of the “undercover officers”, I am willing to bet, all were under age drinkers when they were teens.

    We are increasingly living in a liberal intolerant police state.

    Let’s penalize these great businesses AS WE PASS LAWS LEGALIZING MARIJUANA. What a joke.

  2. Skeptic is right.

    I’d like to “test” the Crystal Lake Police department.

    I bet almost all of them would FAIL a series of inquiries.

    Government is getting TOO BIG.

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