Teen Caught on Camera in Bold Seeman Road Robbery Attempt in Western McHenry County

Seeman Road runs north from Harmony-Huntley Road.

Seeman Road runs north from Harmony-Huntley Road.

To All Concerned McHenry County Citizens,

Yesterday I received an email from Michael Musgrave, one of the members in our network.

Two teens tried to break into Michael’s house (after midnight) Saturday night (April 27th).

Fortunately, Michael was home in the yard at the time.

This attempted burglary happened on Seeman Road in Huntley. I left Michael’s letter to me attached below for you to read.

I am happy to report that because of Michael’s alarm system and surveillance cameras, the teens were not successful, and Michaels cameras picked up two photos of one of the teen boys.

If you know this teen, please contact the McHenry County Sheriff’s office as this attempted burglary occurred in the unincorporated area of Huntley.

Stay safe, stay vigilant,
Kristin Ottolino

Below is the letter from the resident of the home:

Kristin: last night we had some kids try to gain entry to the house a little after midnight.

We had friends over and were in the back yard around the bon fire, the kids snuck up from the road and we have them on camera looking in all the cars (presumably for anything sitting out they could grab and dash with).

At one point one of them brazenly walked up to the front door (picture attached).

First photo of teens caught on camera on Seeman Road in Marengo.

First photo of teens caught on camera on Seeman Road in Marengo.

They did get into the garage because the side door was unlocked, and we think they got spooked and ran off when they tried to open the interior door and the alarm system chimed.

My partner saw them when they were running off, and was able to chase after them, but couldn’t catch up with them.

This afternoon two 15-ish year old boys were hanging around at the end of our driveway checking out our place and our neighbor across the road, they took off when they realized we saw them.

One was shaggy dirty blonde, the other was short red head.

A second picture of the same teen.

A second picture of the same teen.

The deputy thinks it was the same kids from last night, and probably the same kids involved in other area thefts.

When we were out looking for them last night, we think they were in a car that turned unto Ridge Lane off of Church Road (just west of Seeman Rd).

The kids on bikes today also turned onto Ridge Ln. today (we followed them at a distance).

Michael Musgrave

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