708 Mental Health Board Overhead Excees 20%, Andrew Gasser Reveals

Andrew Gasser created this summary of 708 Board administrative costs, plus the "Fiscally Irresponsible" conclusion above it.

Andrew Gasser created this summary of 708 Board administrative costs, plus the “Fiscally Irresponsible” conclusion above it.  The budget is over $13 million.

Previously I pointed you to Fox River Grove Republican Precinct Committeeman Andrew Gasser’s article on salaries paid employees by the McHenry County Mental Health Board.

Last Thursday, Gasser broadened his analysis to look at what most people would call administrative overhead.

The finding?

It “pays out 20.96% in salaries and administrative costs.”

And the twenty-year Navy-Air Force Veteran doesn’t even put an exclamation mark at the end of the that sentence.

Gasser expresses his irritation at the way the over $13 million annual budget figures are presented on the Mental Health Board’s web site:

“…documents you will see that they have been printed, then scanned, and then inserted into this document.

“This is by design as to not allow people to easily examine the numbers.

“If you want to run any analysis in Microsoft Excel you cannot simply use a program that takes PDF data and turns it into a spreadsheet.

“You can either file a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request or you can type it in yourself.”

The 708 Board would not get an “A” for transparency.

Gasser took the time to type in all the numbers and presents a spreadsheet that people can download.

I encourage you to read Gasser’s analysis.


708 Mental Health Board Overhead Excees 20%, Andrew Gasser Reveals — 4 Comments

  1. We added addition information today about the expense report.

    It is taking awhile to sift though the data and then ask “what does it mean”?

    There are new fund set a side line items not funded where the board just felt it necessary to spend $10,000.

    We need help getting good people installed.

    The 708 board should be running so much more efficiently… and I do not even want to touch the legal bills… yet.

    You can see this part of the analysis here: http://andrewgasser.com/2013/05/06/expensing-questions-for-the-board/

    Andrew Gasser

  2. Thanks, Andy; how can we help?

    there needs to be a shakeup all across McHenry County and I’ll bet there’s a lot of overlap of the people involved.

  3. One of the biggest things anyone can do is start contacting county board members and asking them to ask the tough questions. Questions like:

    – Where is the full 2012 budget? Remember, everything we are working off of is a 12 month “Budget Balance Sheet”.

    – Why are the numbers so vastly different between the county official website and the McMHB Budget Balance Sheet?

    We also need to be encouraging our County Board to put people on the board who be humble and respectful, but will also shine the light of truth on whats going on.

    People who have ran companies and businesses or have commensurate experience doing so.

    Also – if you feel so inclined would you please contact me through my website.

    We need more people disseminating the information.

    This would be a HUGE help… not to me… but to the people who need the help.

    This is not a Republican or Democrat issue – its a people issue.

    Its a family issue.

    We can do a better job.

    Andrew Gasser

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