Tina Hill Says She Won’t Re-Appoint Former 708 Board President Lee Ellis

Tina Hill

Tina Hill

Northwest Herald reporter Kevin Craver wondered whether McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill would re-appoint former 708 Mental Health Board President now that her Board defeated Scott Summers’ nomination 18-6.

When he asked her, Hill said she would not.

That’s what Craver reports on his NWH blog, “Open Doors,” in an article entitled, “Reporter’s Notebook:  Summers lease hath all too short a date.”


Tina Hill Says She Won’t Re-Appoint Former 708 Board President Lee Ellis — 3 Comments

  1. It really doesn’t matter what Tina Hill has to say.

    Her political career is over and she should now be looking for her next job.

    I urge everyone to attend the next County Board meeting on May 21st.

    The important focus should be on the the Silent 18 County Board members who were either complicitous or dupped into aligning with her.

    Their actions at that meeting will tell all. T

    he choice is clear, either support the established Public Health and Human Services Committee or not, represent the citizens of the county or represent their own political interests.

    Clearly, the “noble six” of Kurtz, Salgado, Hammerand, and Walkup (of the PHHS Committee) and Chirikos and Evertsen provide a model for good stewardship!

    They represent the best of what we would want in our elected officials.

    It’s not about democrate or republican, liberal or conservative…its about representing those who elected you!

  2. Hill should resign…..What an embarrassment to this county.

    She is in over her head and will continue to screw up as time

    ensues. We need a leader not a dictator.

  3. Until better candidates come forward for County Board, the cesspool will continue to ferment.

    Maybe some Township Supervisors and Trustees who actually LOWERED their levies will run for office!

    Based on the comments on this blog and others plus the comments in the local papers we have a pool of potential candidates.

    I encourage them to pull petition packets in September and get to work!!!!

    Unlike the position of Township Assessor, there are ZERO qualifications to run for County Board other than you need reside in the County and be a registered voter.

    We need some honest people with no ‘agenda’ to run for County Board.

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