Hill Set to Stack Public Health Committee with Four Loyalists

Sandy Salgado

Sandy Salgado

McHenry County Board Chairwoman Tina Hill is planning to plug a hole in her power structure by removing County Board Sandy Salgado from the Public Health and Human Services Committee.

In her place Hill is recommending Robert M. Martens, Sr.

Salgado did not vote for Hill for Chairman.

Martens did.  Martens and Salgado are both from District 4, which covers McHenry, Richmond and Spring Grove.

Putting a loyalist on the Public Health Committee will allow Hill to neutralize its Chairman, Donna Kurtz, any time Hill wants to.

The margin is now 4-3, with Kurtz being able to rely upon support from Salgado, Hammerand, Walkup and herself.  All are Republicans with Salgado being from McHenry, Hammerand from Wonder Lake with Walkup and Kurtz from Crystal Lake.

The three loyal to Hill are

  • Mary McCann (R-Woodstock)
  • Anna May Miller (R-Cary)
  • Paula Yensen (D-Lake in the Hills)



Hill Set to Stack Public Health Committee with Four Loyalists — 5 Comments

  1. Ms. Hill is absolutely power mad with an Obama like obsession.

    If you thought that the “Good ol boys” were bad in the past, “you ain’t seen nuttun yet.”

    We wanted transparency and are seeing exactly what Ms. Hill is.

    She must resign to save face.

  2. Forget the power play- if you are worried about finances- you don’t want Bob Martens.

    What do you think led to all this mess?

    He was elected because of his “executive service”?

    Where exactly do you think he worked?

    This entire thing is an embarrassing fiasco and in the mean time, the services suffer.

  3. What is delusional is Hill’s comment made to Kevin Craver as referred to in his blog on the NWH: “I asked Hill how she thinks these two issues – picking her own Mental Health Board candidate and replacing Salgado – looks in the court of public opinion.

    She answered, politely but resolutely, that only a small segment of that court is following this issue or considers it a priority.”

    We will find out how small that segment is in a year and one half when the Board elects a NEW Chairperson!

    Hill’s behavior reminds me of another well known elected person.

    Will Tina go on a “jobs” tour around the County now?

    While we are on the topic of ‘conflict of interest’, take a look at campaign donations and how Board members vote / lobby for zoning changes.

    If a County Board gets ANY money from a zoning change applicant they should ethically recuse themselves from the vote.

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