Farewell Message from Linda Moore to Grafton Township Constituents

An email from Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore:

Linda Moore

Linda Moore

Dear Residents of Grafton Township,

Thank you for the honor and opportunity to serve as your Township Supervisor for the past four years. I have really enjoyed working for you and meeting the challenges of the office.

We have accomplished many things for the benefit of the residents, but there are some items on the list of things left to do.

The audits of FY 2012 and FY2013 are well underway and expected to be complete by the end of this month.

In April 2013 the board officially accepted the FY 2011 audit as presented two years ago with nothing untoward found and no changes.

The new board will need to quickly adopt budgets for the township and road district.

Grafton Township will have a nearly fresh start with only one carry over official.

The voters elected newcomer Jim Kearns to serve as your 2013 to 2017 Grafton Township Supervisor.

We have worked together to ensure a smooth transition.

He will be officially in office starting Monday, May 20th.

I wish all of the new and retiring township officials only the best going forward.

I remain available to everyone at 1-847-630-6325.

Please call if you have a question or there is something that I could do to help you.

We can all be proud to say that we are residents of Grafton Township.

Supervisor Linda Moore (2009-2013)


Farewell Message from Linda Moore to Grafton Township Constituents — 6 Comments

  1. It is too bad that there is the carryover official.

    This is not a clean slate.

  2. It will take months, if not years for the township to recover from the damage Linda inflicted.

    No, I’m not going to let her go quietly.

    We still don’t know the extent of it.

  3. The trustees spent half a million on an illegal town hall and another half million with their expensive Chicago lawyers.

    The damage is on the trustees, and your hatemongering is proof of the blind hate that motivated the trustees.

    Her crime is attempting to work with carryover officials who will not get over their hate.

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