A Birdie Says Tina Hill May Be Backing Down

Are the big fireworks being snuffed out for tonight's County Board meeting?

Are the big fireworks being snuffed out for tonight’s County Board meeting?


The rumor mill.

Maybe there will be fewer fireworks at tonight’s McHenry County Board meeting than most folks think.

A little birdie is my source.

A little birdie is my source.

The rumor of the hour (just confirmed) is that McHenry County Chairwoman Tina Hill is reconsidering her resolution to replace McHenry’s Sandy Salgado with Spring Grove’s Robert Martens.

Both represent District 4.

Hill has argued that Salgado has a conflict of interest because the agency that employees her, Pioneer Center, receives money from the 708 McHenry County Mental Health Board, whose members are recommended by the Public Health and Human Services on which she serves.

Hill has put on the tonight’s County Board agenda a resolution that has Bob Martens replacing Salgado.


A Birdie Says Tina Hill May Be Backing Down — 7 Comments

  1. Whatever is decided, praying for the right person who will take care of the citizens that use and need the services funded by this board. Decisions by MHB need to utilize the resources when it can be done for the people, not the process.

  2. Good to see that some birds do not want to be part of the flock of birds, that stick together in McHenry County.

    Time to air the dirty laundry and clean it up.

    Maybe Tina is waking up.

  3. Maybe Tina had an “aha” moment when she realized the proximity of the County Board meeting to the County Jail.

    I’m not saying, I’m just saying.

  4. Take note that Salgado voted for Hill’s nominee.

    Was a deal made?

  5. Salgado did NOT HAVE TO MAKE A DEAL.

    No conflict was found.

    State Attny decision.

    Heisler’s wife works at Pioneer Center.

    Tina Hill’s son is serviced by Pioneer Center and she is appointing someone that would determine the money funneled to Pioneer Center.


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