Taking the Fifth

Tennessee Estes Kefauver held hearings with crime syndicate witnesses in the 1950’s.

While kids now have far more exciting video games to occupy their time, then I was glued to our small black and white television screen listening to repetitive, “I take the Fifth” or “On the advice of my lawyer I respectfully invoke my Fifty Amendment right not to testify.”

Fascinating stuff back then.

As boring as watching paint dry today.

Lerner takes the Fifth.

The Chicago Tribune reports on IRS official Lois Lerner’s taking the Fifth.

And now we have an IRS official taking the Fifth on television in the Congressional probe over targeting of Tea Party groups for special attention.


Taking the Fifth — 3 Comments

  1. Because she’s not talking, leads one to believe there’s a real story.

    True the Vote and the West Suburban Tea Party both complained about the length of time to get their applications approved.

    True the Vote I believe is suing.

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