Another Statewide GOP Candidate Seeking Political Information

Mark called me about noon with nine questions about the upcoming Republican primary election.

First, he wanted to know whether I considered myself a Republican.

Next, he wanted to know what faction (although he didn’t use that term). First was “conservative.”

He asked whether I belonged to any Tea Party group.

Was I a member of a Republican Party organization?

Next he listed five potential Republican candidates for Governor in the following order:

  • State Senator Bill Brady
  • State Senator Kirk Dillard
  • State Treasurer Dan Rutherford
  • WLS Talk Show Host Dan Proft
  • Businessman Bruce Rauner
  • Other

There was no opportunity to say “undecided,” so I didn’t punch any button on the phone.

That provoked the robo-call to repeat the question.

To avoid being caught in an infinite loop, I pressed the “other” button.

Candidates for Illinois Attorney General were tested next:

  • Tom Cross
  • Jim Durkin
  • Other

Then there was a question about whom I would support for State Treasurer.

The two candidates whose names were given were

  • Bob Grogan
  • Bob Schillerstrom

Both are from DuPage County.  Schillerstrom was County Board Chairman when ran for Governor last time and, while withdrawing, it was too late to get his name off the ballot and probably cost Dillard the primary nomination.  Schillerstrom is also one of the DuPage County politicians who agreed to triple McHenry and the other collar county’s RTA sales tax from one quarter to three quarters of one percent. (I probably have spelled Grogan’s name wrong.  The recording said he was DuPage County Auditor, I think.  I admit to having not heard of him before.)

Additional information requested pertained to

  • gender
  • age

No indication as to who paid for the survey.

Two weeks ago Bruce Rauner’s folks called asking for similar information. He did not include Proft’s name as a possible gubernatorial candidate and did not poll on AG or State Treasurer.


Another Statewide GOP Candidate Seeking Political Information — 3 Comments

  1. These annoying marketing polls with no undecided, just answer them as if there was a gun to your head and you had to decide right this second or die, which would you choose.

    Even if you are truly undecided, even if you just randomly choose someone.

    That’s what they really want to know.

    I wouldn’t trust Schillerstrom for holding down taxes or even exposing why taxes are so high.

    Bob Grogan is DuPage County Auditor.

    Rauner is the only candidate with enough money to fight public sector unions.

    Overly generous public sector union pay, benefits, pensions, work rules, and their very double monopoly nature (the union is a labor monopoly within a monopoly government unit) is the State’s #1 problem.

    And this coming from a person who knows the history of how unions came about and is not against unions.
    Anything can gain too much power though and that’s what happened with public sector unions in Illinois.

    The public sector unions are siphoning money away from the State paying it’s bills and other more worthy causes.

    We have so much money to allocate to government and the public sector unions are taking more than their fair share.

  2. No wonder we’ll lose again.

    Will the press investigate Madigan, please?

    It seems to be it would be so EASY to uncover his fraud, abuse, intimidation, scam, and theft.

    Ask any of the home owners/condo owners who have to “hire” Madigan’s law firm in order to “lower” their property taxes.

    Start there….and see where it leads.

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